That Secret Inner Glow

A comment someone else made here made me think of one of my favourite feelings. That warm inner glow you get when you're wearing ordinary man outer clothes and some really luxurious, expensive, fantastic lingerie underneath. No-one knows but you and it feels totally great!

You might be on a crowded tube train, in the queue at the bank, pushing a trolley round Tesco's or sat at who glanced at you would ever know that you were feeling the tight pull of suspender straps across your thighs, the rustling warm of stockings under your trousers, the cool slippery feel of satin and lace knickers high on your bum cheeks!

On the right day, in the right mood it just turns everything up to 11 and that feeling is why I love wearing girl's undies!
Wazdox Wazdox
41-45, M
Sep 11, 2012