there not girls undies their mine because i shopped for them and brought them so their mine and i love to wear them
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yes I brought them,I thought about what I wanted,got what I wanted and enjoy wearing them.The shopping choosing and I cant wait to get home and wear this experience is so good.So nice to try on in store but not always comfortable with that but fun when I do.

Whenever I'm dressed, it makes me even more excited to say to myself, these are MY panties, MY bra, MY girdle, MY nylons, MY slip, MY dress, My heels! (Gets me excited just typing this!) Certainly magnifies the feeling of gurlishness.xx

That's so true. You shopped for them and they are yours.

its nice to know what i like now and not just grab the first ones i see,spend some time getting the right size and style not geting home with something that doesnt fit or is not really what i wanted

There are many panties out there but these panties are mine and that make any one feel good that they have their own good for you girl!!

yes I guess I have always liked to wear panties and it used to be my stepmums my sisters my partner my wife so I always felt sneaky and guilty,maybe part of the fun,so buying my own makes be feel better but just need to remind myself these are mine and its ok

That's one way to think of it. They are my panties, not some girl's panties. Love them.