Don't Be Ashamed Of It

Looking back on it, I suppose I started wearing girls' undies about ten years ago - which isn't long compared to some people on here. Panties expanded to girdles basques and corsets, tights and thigh-highs and heels! Never a day goes by without I have at least some items of girls' underwear on. And why not? No-one else needs to know: I'm not in the habit of flashing my undies to the other shoppers in Tescos! That thrilling feeling of being all girlie underneath is my secret.

And I love it. Sitting here in my panties typing this, I look down at my long legs encased in lace-top thigh-highs, with the arched shape of my feet in a pair of black high-heel strappy gladiator sandals, and I think to myself: "That is one hot pair of sexy legs". Evidently I'm not alone in that, because when I post photos of them, that's the type of comment people seem to make. The fact that it's my undies that other guys (well, other CDs at least) are admiring seemed really strange at first, but now thrills me no end. I do even get the odd comment going into fairly explict detail about what the occasional person would like to do to me, having first pulled down my panties. When I first started doing this, I'd have been totally squicked out by that and I'd have stopped doing it. Now, the exhibitionist in me secretly revels at my apparent ability to turn people on in such a way and I just think to myself "Ha - In your dreams!" Aren't I a tease?

It's all good fun, though. It makes me feel very happy and contented to go around all the time in girls' undies, and my partner reaps the spin-off benefit from that, however bizarre it might have appeared on the surface. I guess I was always more of a sensitive sissy-boy than most lads and it's just taken some assorted items of girlie underwear to help me realize that - and to enjoy being what I am.
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I've dressed most my life on and off. I have been steady dressing at least panties under male clothes. Not long like that but I go out dressed some and I love it. Just got underbust corset love it. You should be proud of it. Be you and who cares about the rest.

Love your post! It is so true, and very well written! I too wear ladies lingerie every day and will never change that!