What Is Every Peace For?

I grew up with 2 sisters as well as my mother and though I knew the things they wore I never saw anything more than panties and bras with the occasional stockings. I knew some things about corsets, slips and a few other things but I was normally told they were something worn in the olden days.

I keep seeing and reading about people wearing all of the delicate items but I have no idea of what they are for or what to even make of any of them. I would love someone to help me understand these things and where to find them.
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I wouldn't call a bra a restraint for breasts unless your talking about a minimizer bra is for support they support the breasts to maintain the shape and muscle. They are also good for giving a more youthful shape and silhouette for that what was considered the hourglass shape. Panties have their main function but unlike men's underwear they are not to really hid but to shield a woman from chaffing a woman is very delicate down there and the constant rubbing of her flesh and clothes can be very painful. Look at me god the thing I have learned through the years. You bring up corsets and their purpose was at one point to forcibly shape the body but now they are accepted as fashion with very little shaping built in. They are worn outside as much as inside as part of an outfit. Not to say there aren't shaping corsets out there but the best one for shaping are rather expensive. I had a beautiful medium shaping corset I have pics of it on my FB page I believe. No to look at slips they are kind of a buffer like you say but at the same time they serve another purpose it you are wearing a pretty sheer fabric dress or skirt and in the light it's quite transparent the slip with remedy that. You can even wear slips as regular clothing now too (made popular by Madonna) As for garters that is if your into sexy lingerie there is girdles with garters and garter belts. In the days of the silk stockings garters were used to hold up the hose so they didn't slip below the hemline. Now were getting into formal wear and fetish clothing with petticoats the main purpose for petticoats is flair you wear a petticoat to flair out a skirt of dress many bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses have these. But also too so do kinky maids outfits baby clothes Easter dresses communion dresses. Yes you will see many in the gay community wearing cocktail dresses with petticoats I have to admit I do think the dresses are cute but not very practical. Well I am truly a blow hard I hope this helps.

Just ask me and I will try to fill you in.

I know the bra is a restraint for breast, panties have the same purpose as mens underwear, a corsets are to give a more female shape, and slips are a buffer between the under and outer clothes. The rest (guarders, petty coats, ect...) is a complete mystery.

RJ43 did a pretty good job of discribing the pieces you had questions about. If you wear a dress or skirt gravity will cause it to drop straight down, and while that is ok you may want it to flair out some. You know and have probably seen a southern bell with her skirt all flaired out. Well she is either using hooped rings to hold the skirt out or petticoats. You may have seen square dancers. Their skirts are being held out in that flaired look by petticoate. They can have few layers for a minimal flair or very many layers for a real wide flair.

Ask away. There are lots of lingerie wearers on here who will be happy to help