Pretty In Panties

I love to wear girl undies or as i like to call them panties. I like the way they feel when you slide them up your legs and how they fit so snuggly against your bottom. They are so much more prettier than boy's undies. I believe it should be against the law in every country to even sell boys undies. Girls panties are just much more comfy, special and pretty.

I also like how they come in all different styles and materials. They just make you feel like nothing else matters if you have a pair of pretty panties on and the whole day will be a better one. They also make me feel nice and girly when wearing them and I love feeling like the girl that I am.

littlegirlmadison littlegirlmadison
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I like to ware pantys makes me feel gokd

Nothing better than nice silky panties and silk hold up stockings, under male clothes, so smooth next to the skin.

I love wearing panties...and stockings and short skirts too...and skimpy little camisole tops...and sexy makeuo...ooooh I feel so girly!

im a guy but i love wearing girls panties and plastic bag panties to

I totally agree, that feeling as you slide the panties up your legs, that taboo feeling of wearing panties is fantastic. But the real pleasure is interacting with the public - at work or with friends whilst wearing it is great. I also love to shop for panties when wearing panties - am I strange

Not strange at all. If you are shopping for panties you should be wearing panties while shopping. Absolutely.

I wish I could see you in your panties! Will you add me please, and then we can chat back and fourth! Tiffy!

very nice big bird

very nice big bird

i dont own any male underwear. i love wearing panties all the time . my faves are white lace boyshorts i just love them they fit so tight against me.

That's a beautiful story

I don't own any male undies. I wear panties everyday, my favorite ones are<br />
hipsters for Tweens. My genitals are tucked away all the time. It is just a normal<br />
thing for me.

im wearing my older sisters right now

Me too...I only have a few pair of boxers just in case...

Love my panties too!!!

Against the law in every country??