My Trip to the Mall Today

Today i went to the mall and i saw so many stores with panties and bras that looks amazing.  I got very sad because i wish i could be a girl so i could wear those cloths or walk into victoria's secret and feel at home.  Women's underwear is so much fun and sexy, whereas i feel boy's underwear is silly and most of the time it's just bulky like boxer shorts, even the briefs seem bulky and not fun.  When i was walking through the mall, i just realized how great it would have been to have been born a girl.  To grow breast and get my first bra.  To wear form fitting corsets.  Just to grow up and experiance the transition from little girl panties to buying my own.  Though if i was a girl i doubt i would really love their underwear and lingerie as much as i do now.  But i would trade that love of underwear to have been born a girl.  Regardless i love wearing girls underwear, the girlier the better!

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Shopping for panties is still one of my most favourite pastimes!

I too like going into the various stores and adore looking at the pretty girly things. Girls have it so good being able to be pretty as often as they can. I do wear pretty panties daily and sometimes as I wonder thru the stores wonder if my panties are prettier than what some of the pretty girls are wearing