I Wear Womens Panties

I love wearing girls undies. For the past year I have been wearing womens panties daily. I like lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides in feminine colors such as pink, lilac, light yellow, etc. At last count I have 82 pairs. Most are thongs, but have g-strings and bikinis, too. The ladies look so beautiful and sexy in their little thongs and panties. I want to look like they do so I wear the same thing. I get very pleasant feelings while wearing them.

kfsteve kfsteve
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4 Responses Mar 27, 2009

I share my wife's panties with her permission, I love having her watch me select which of her panties I will be wearing for the day.

That sounds neat. I have my own thongs and panties. My wife wears plain white briefs. You are so lucky.

Wow, you need to get your wife into sexy panies. I had difficult time convincing my wife that sharing panties could be fun, but now she is completely ok with it. My favorites are satin and microfiber. Today we picked satin feels so good against my ****!

yes me to its so nice to wear panties every day and have lots to choice from

Today I am picking a pink pair of panties with 2 bows on them, they are so sexy. I get hard just putting them on.

Panties,Panties I love the feel , the smell and the allure of my wife's panties and my own......

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