Love Panties Always.

I have worn panties for years now. When at Uni in Sheffield UK there was an event where people dressed up in whatever they wanted. I dressed in red satin panties, garter & stockings, rugby shirt & creepers (crepe soled shoes) & went clubbing with her like that for one night. I didn't stay like that but I still wear panties every day.

The photo on my profile is the most recent pair I bought from online catalogue but I also have some soft, polyester briefs with lacy leg edging from M&S in the UK.

I still have to pluck (yes, pluck) up enough courage to post pics of myself on my profile - maybe this week.

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2 Responses Nov 30, 2009

i love to wear panties and a bra i dont wear mens stuff and i now it is a sin with god but the devel likes it

that's a great picture of you.... hurry and put up some more pictures in your profile... you look like quite a young lady. I love camies and stockings as well, have you tried any of them ?.. Talk to you soon...