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That's when I first experienced the thrill of girls' undies. Had to be about 1954 or so, when my little sister was old enough to be wearing frilly little girl panties and such. She never had just regular panties, always very sexy rumba panties. They were a bit snug on me, but not so much so that they were totally uncomfortable - they felt great!

As I grew into my teens, I had a little stash of panties hidden away and, to my best knowledge, undiscovered. It was a little tough while I was in the service, but from time to time I could get away with weaing them. In the 6 years between the service and marriage, I accumulated quite a collection of panties, bras, slips, even swimsuits to wear and enjoy myself in. They all, of course, had to dissappear during the marriage, though I did keep a few small items well hidden away for the rare time when my wife was not around. After the marriage went by the wayside, the collection again thrived and soft silkiness became more of a normal thing under my street/working clothes than not. My postion and profession warranted due caution so as not to be discovered, but that due caution was always taken. Now I am retired and live on a little ranch in the mountains. It is a very, very private setting. I do wear them most of the time, but still do not enjoy the thought of being seen in them. I have a little stretch of river running through the ranch and have landscaped the entire length with secluded paths and sitting/viewing areas. Much of it is dimmly lit at night and I do wander around there in nothing but panties, slips, etc. on. It is a wonderful feeling of freedom!

So, what is it that draws me to wear such things? When I first slipped on a pair of my little sister's panties, there was not only the feeling of naughtiness, but the realization that those panties actually felt very, very comfortable! As I started dating, there came the realization that the girls wore layer upon layer of silky clothing, and touching/holding/fondling them and feeling those layers underneath gave me a huge thrill! Thus my proclivity toward wearing many layers and feeling them slip against each other as I walk or move around.

I have no real desire or need to go public with my activities. Matter of fact, the thought of it doesn't appeal to me at all. Perhaps if I met a lady who would understand or even encourage it, I might consider doing so with or for her, but still not show myself in public.

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Great story, I am like you I started at about 12 years of age experimenting with silky panties, and have done so now for 40 years, I wear silk french knickers every day now under my male clothes, like you I do not want found out just yet.<br />
There is nothing like the feel of silks and satins next to the skin.