I Love Wearing Girly Clothes

I crossdress and wear women's clothes. I started dressing in my moms clothes about 45 years ago.  I started wearing her bras and panties and a girdle and nylon stockings.  While in college I pretty much just wore nylon panties but after college I started wearing girly skirts, dresses and tops. 

I returned to grad school and moved east after a couple of years.  At that time my girly wardrobe reeally started to expand and growI  Shopping was so much fun

It is so enjoyable to fully dressi n girly dresses and lingerie.  I love the click, click of women's shoes as I walk  Shopping and running errands in girly clothes is a daily practice.

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Years ago as I was younger at 5 yrs old. My mom and sister kept catching me wearing their petticoats and dresses. and each time we would talk about it and I was told not to bother their clothes again. I just continued wearing their clothes cause once a guy starts he is hooked on the silky feeling of everything. After awhile my mom got so disgusted and fed up that she went to my room one day and threw out all my boys clothes and replaced them with all girls things.
She instructed my sister to make sure I wore a dress with a stiff petticoat everyday at home. Then too I was to wear panties, petti-pants with nylons everyday under my new girls school uniform which were dark blue pull on slacks with lacy pockets and a white button down cotton blouse.

This continued for a few months, and of course I got teased from everyone at school about my outfits. And some of my friends came by our house and saw me wearing my pretty dresses and that started more trouble at school too.

Fabulous sweetie

Oh Yessssssssssssss..I Love dressing in Girly Clothes tooooooooo...Pretty dresses, lovely silky lingerie and the sound of heels always so so exciting. I began over 50 years ago..slipping on a pair of my mom's silky panties...and have never looked back..Love dressing Girly..really Really GIRLIE.

Hi Brenda, I know what you mean sis.