The feel of.femme delicates against my skin is exquisitely sensual
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many caresses the skin

Wearing feminine clothing is calming when I am stressed. I have been trying to figure this out and I conclude that nylon-silks-satins and the feel of them on my skin fills me first with the protrected love given to me by the caring woman in my life. They also remind me of my sensual discovery of seeing women dressed in feminine undergarments and to wear sensual garments. From the age of 5 when the feel of nylon was the hook to around 7 when I discovered what it was like to wear nylon were my discovery years....and I am still discovering these many years later.

I too was hooked on the feel of soft, sheer nylon at age 5. I began wearing a pair of mom's panties to sleep in at night. Soon I noticed a discarded pair of sheer nylon stockings in her wastebasket. I carefully retrieved them. that night I slipped them on my little legs and was overcome with the sensual feeling! I will never forget that first rush i felt slipping on sheer nylon stockings the first time!!

Feeling feminine all the time is wonderful<br />
Hugs<br />