Posing For Sister And Her Friends In Panties

Well about a hour or two ago, I was with my sister [She knows I wear panties]
And i decided to pose in thongs and panties when Her friends walked in, They knew too
They have undressed downstairs so Its me, my sister and 2 of her friends all wearing a thong!

They decided to take my thong off and let me pose in there thongs, It was a great moment for me posing in all the undies, they didn't take pictures but its our secret, I saw there vagina and boobs anyway, and they know I wear thongs and saw my raging hard on penis as they would giggle when I Was posing.

Posing for girls in there undies is brilliant they are bringing alot more tomorrow and I will be posing for them and one of the girls has the best a*s and t1t5 ever, we are all good friends and love seeing eachother in different places.


Will update with the story for tomorrow!
Merchant9 Merchant9
22-25, M
2 Responses Aug 6, 2012

you are so lucky. My friend got his sister 9 to drop her pants. that was the last i saw for 3 yrs.

Well I am waiting for the update ...