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What A Nice Morning.......

What a nice morning today is starting out to be. I am home alone all weekend so this morning I decided as long as I had to do some chores around the house I may as well be dressed for the occasion. I took my shower early, shaving my legs and pampering myself. Wrapped in a towel I went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. While it was brewing I decided to get dressed. I started with a pair of pink bikini panties which were followed by a pair of suntan pantyhose. I slipped into my 3" black pumps then had to decide what to wear. Since chores were on the to do list I went to the laundry room in my pantyhose and heels and started the first load of wash. Now I had to make a decisionĀ on what dress to wear. I chose a short black sun dress which is very airy and quite cute I might add. It was kind of difficult to decide what to wear standing in front of the closet in my heels and pantyhose but as the time past I felt myself softening about the thought of doing chores and the choice became an easy one. Once dressed I poured myself a cup of coffee and went off to the bathroom to put on my makeup. Very simple this morning since it is a working day. Very light makeup with a soft pink lipstick and I am now ready to start my day. I feel so good I think I am going to pamper myself a little more and go to the nail salon for a manicure and pedicure to break up my day. If this day continues as good as it started I am going to have such a wonderful fun filled day.
JamieLynn58 JamieLynn58 56-60 7 Responses Aug 19, 2012

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I am jealous! Enjoy your day!

I always say being dressed up to do housework is like a spoonful of sugar. Makes it all a lot more enjoyable.

I'm happy for you

sounds like a nice way to relax

Any day feminine is wonderful.

I used to love getting dressed up to do my housework when I was single. Turns a dull chore day into a sexually aroused day

Sounds like a wonderful day you're having. Hope every chore on your list got completed.