They Started It.

After my week of completion of pantyhose and panties wearing.  I started to get a little hooked on wearing panties and pantyhose whI dressed for school.  I started to really love the way I felt and how my legs looked when I wore the pantyhose and panties.  As I said before my friend Cindy found out threw my sister's about my hose wearing.  Which I didn't think was to cool of them to tell her about.  But, she went along with the story I gave her.  She didn't say anything to me while I told her the lie.  So she must have understood or something.  I was still alittle nervous about my wearing and getting caught by her that I didn't wear any to school for a little while.  Just at home I wore and crossdressed.

After the winter season went by.  I decided to wear hose to school again.  It was warmer out.  And to this day I don't know why I didn't wear hose during the winter months.  STUPID.  It was around the end of March to the beginning of April I decided to start wearing hose again.  My birthday just passed so I ended up getting some gifts from my mom and sis's.  Which was real nice and cool.  When I went back to school I saw Cindy in the hallway we talked during the winter months.  She never said anything about my wearing pantyhose.  So I pretty much well if she don't ask I dont' tell.  She as how my birthday was and little small talk.  I said it was good and we both had to dart off to class.  She told me here she had a gift for me.  I grabbed it and put it in my back pack and headed to 1st hour.   I got there and took my seat in the back.  Shortly after class was under way.  As we were doing our assignment.  I had to get something out of my back pack.  I opened it up and saw Cindy's gift.  It was a black sack that was closed off at the top and had a birthday sticker on there.  I looked around and opened up the bag.  There were a few pairs of panties and pantyhose in the bag.  I thought oh ****.  She still remembers.  I quickly closed the bag stuffed it back in my back pack.  As I didn't want anyone to see them.  After class was over I saw Cindy in the hallway.  I smiled and waved at her.  She smiled back.  But her smile was kind of a devilish kind.  I stopped and said whats that grin for.  She said oh was just wondering if you enjoyed your birthday pres.  I said yeah I do.  I am surprised you remembered.  She said oh a girl never forgets.  I smiled.  She then told me I should put them on and wear them for the rest of the day.  I looked at her like she was crazy.  She just looked at me with a go on now do as your told.  I went into the boys bathroom .  I pulled out her sack and took a look.  There were a pr. of white panties and black panties.  A pr. of tan hose, black hose, and an off black pair of hose.  I decided to wear the black panties with off black hose.  Which felt really good.  I came out of the bathroom.  She said ok lets get to class.  I and Cindy went to class.  As we got there we took our seats and the day went on as usual.  I felt so sexy and was getting kind of horny in the panties, and pantyhose I had just gotten.  It was kind of hard sometimes going from class to class wearing hose and panties.  As it really wasn't a bet but more of a personal pleasure.  A few times I thought I was going to *** in my hose but I didn't.  It was going to be 8th hour which was study hall.  We were going to the libary to study and just basically dink around.  I and Cindy got there and found a place towards the back of the libary.  Our libary was pretty big.  So I and Cindy were sitting there.  She said here.  She pulled out a pair of black heels.  I said whoa what are you doing.  She said no one will see and we are near the back anyways.  I said I don't know.  She just looked at me and said trust me.  I said but if I get caught, you won't she said.  I took a look around and took my socks and shoes off.  I put the black heels on.  Which felt good on my hosed feet.  I sat there she said now go get me a book from over there.  Pointed to a shelf that was hidden by other shelfs of books.  I was so nervous.  I walked over and you couldn't hear my heels but you kind of could on the carpet a bit but not anywhere far a way.  I grabbed a book and brought it back to her.  I said here you didn't tell me which one you wanted to so here you go.  She said I know.  I want you to go back over and bet the atlas book.  I was like alright.  I thought oh she's good dirty but good.  I walked over and put the book back.  Got the book she asked for and sat back down.  She asked if I like walking in the heels.  I looked at her kind of shepishly.  I said yeah I do like the way they feel.  Cindy also asked about the hose and panties as well.  I told her yeah again.  As I was sitting there doing my homework in hose, heels and jeans.  Which mind you made me feel sexy.  I pretty much forgot about wearing them.  No one came by where we were sitting.  As the teacher told us we had ten minutes and to put things back.  I took the heels off and put my socks and shoes on.  Oh and for you shoe danglers out there.  I did dangle my heel a little bit off and on.  I said here and was handing the heels to Cindy.  She said no you can keep them.  I said are you sure.  She said yeah don't worry, my mom won't miss them.  She has lots of pairs.  I said your sure.  She said yeah the hose to as they are my mom's.  I thought cool but your nuts.  I asked so the hose I am wearing are your mom's.  She said yeah.  How do they feel.  I said they feel real good actually.  She smiled.  I asked and the panties.  She smiled nope those are from me.  Those are mine.  She got up and started for the door.  I put my new heels in with my pantyhose, and panties.  I got up and went out the libary as the bell rang.  I got to my locker but my books away as I had no homework.  As I was passing Cindy by in the hallway she was talking to her friends.  She smiled and said hope you enjoy your presents birthday boy.  I smiled and kept walking not wanting anyone to aske what she got me and want to see them. 

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Such a cool friend.

A friend in need is a friend indeed....especially bearing gifts of pleasure and intrigue!

Cindy is a great friend, did it go anywhere with her, did sheever want to see youin hose and panties??

that was so cool

Love your story hon.

xo, becki

I only have one question. Is your friend a girl, or a CD?

She seems to share the feelings you have. She knew that heels would make you happy. Wearing heels is natural to crossdressers.We love to walk in them all the time.

Tell me more.

Louise CD

So do i. I wish more stuff like this would have happend to alot of us out there but, u get wut u can take with the good and the bad experiences u know wut i mean

Love the story wish you could tell us more about it and wish i had friend like you did to do thing like that for me..hope to hear more storys from you like this..