I Luve Chunky Pumps

I don't know why but they appeal to me so much.


Nice thick heel. As I grow older I seem to like the thicker heels over the skinny stiletto styles.

They can set off whatever I choose to wear.

Absolutely luv 'em!!!!!!
Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
2 Responses May 5, 2012

I have got maybe 20 pairs of heels and I still have not worn some of them out in public, need more dresses to match them.<br />
I have only one pair that have chunky heels and I agree with you about their stability while walking.<br />
At the moment I love the feeling of walking on a knifes edge of narrow stiletto heels that makes me walk in a certain way that only they can give.<br />
Sure, they require great care when walking like not getting them caught in cracks in the cement and getting the heels damaged and need more balance and finesse to walk in.

Chunky Heel pumps and boots give you more stability when walking because of the added surface area. Not to mention that depending on the shoe, you can still pull off some incredible outfits with them. I have a pair of chunky heel Mary Jane's in black patent 5". They are my absolute favorite heels to wear and my first heels to buy for my self too.