Addictive Drug

I am very addicted and obsessed with high heel pumps, sometimes when I see other women wearin a very nice pair of pantyhose with high heel pumps, it is like a very powerful drug and I have to get a second look, while I am thinking I am so jealous and wish I was her and it so addictive. I only have a few pairs to myself and alwasy wear pantyhose with them, and they feel so good and comfortable, I will wear the pantyhose and high heel pumps everyday when I finall become a woman.
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46-50, T
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

If heels and ph were a sickness I would be dead years ago. I get weak too when I see a great pair of legs w/ ph and heels. I feel the need to go home and j/o immediately if wife's not home. You should try thigh-highs if you love ************ in heels and hose. I sure do.