My Secret Love

I started trying on high heels when I was just a little kid, clomping around in my mom's shoes. When I was a teenager I would sneak into me neighbor's bedroom and try on her shoes when I was over there babysitting her sleeping kids while she was out on a date.

Sadly for me I married a woman who hated high heels and rarely wore them, also she was a size 7 shoe, way to small for me who wears a woman's 9.5/10.

After my divorce and in a new relationship with a great woman (a 9/9.5, close enough) I still borrow shoes,heels, flats, boots, anything girly that fits. (see my albums)

Earlier this year, while away on business, I bought my first pair of high heels, a pair of black patents. I love them so much and wear them as often as I can. They make me feel just right. Someday I hope to meet someone who I can share my secret with and play with openly. Until then when its quiet and I am alone, I put on some pantyhose and slip into those heels and feel like the sexy girl I always wanted to be.

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Your current wife not willing