High Heeled Crossdresser

I am a long time married high heeled crossdresser with a very supportive, understanding, accepting and knowledgeable wife who has taught me all the traits to emulating women, from presentaton, to walking, standing, sitting, mannerisms, maske up, hair, nails, etc and I've a very extensive wardrobe, including 42 pair of HIGH HEELS - styles include pumps, sandals, ankle straps, double straps, slings, plats, oxfords,  mules / slides, D'Orsay pumps, ankle wraps, multi strap pumps, open toe slings, open toe D'Orsay pumps, and four pair of HIGH HEEL boots; mid calf, knee length and thigh high.
Heel heights range from5 s, to 5 1/2 s  6 s, 6 1/2 s, 7 s and 8 s - the latter two being platforms.
I'm always interested in chatting / meeting others with similar interests,; NO males, NO wannabees, and NO onr suffering from "baby bird syndrome".
I also have a web siter for viewing weith approximately 175 photos of what makes Rachelle "tick", as well as several of my wardrobe pics.
I'm on Yahoo Messenger a tone if you'd care to go that route...   e mail is  highheeled Rachelle@hotmail.com
Hope to hear...
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2 Responses Oct 14, 2011

Hello Rachelle ... :p <br />
Love your variety of heels and the detailed way you listed them - I am not familiar with the D'Orasy type ; but the rest make me all giddy inside . Ever since I've been purchasing my own shoes dresses lingerie etc. ... I acutally judge and evaluate, what and how women dress - so typical .. :p <br />
I just have to smile when I see / meet / encounter women with pretty polish ,certain high heels, a flash of a bit of lingerie, cute dress or top , nice hair color ... I certainly can / do appreciate the finer / softer side of women since I started CDing . <br />
I get caught staring / drooling at times.. , but I can't explain myself ... I'm not lusting or fantacizing over you per say ... but your dress is HOT ! Where did you get those strappy DKNY's ! I love em !! and want to add them to my closet too ! - But no - Alas , I get labeled the dirty old man, or creepy, or jerk or wierdo.... What a society we live in ! Maybe I sholud be more open with my sexuality and desire / enjoyment of wearing womens clothes / shoes... Then I'd at least have a chance at finding the gal that doesn't mind , or favors or better still; also gets a rush from a guy in womens clothes - think of the wardrobe expansion possibilities

I HAVE ONE SITE FOR U WITH VARIETY OF HIGH HEELS..... http://www.facebook.com/yournextshoes <br />
<br />