Stileto Heels At Work

This morning, when I arrived at work, I was told I'll be spending the day checking the out buildings. As mentioned in a previous story, this involves driving around a list of places, alone, and making checks while you are there. Everyone else hates the job, for me it's a chance to wear heels.
I grabbed my ever increasing dress up kit from my works locker before left. My black gladiator heels, black wet look leggins, a navy blue seriously puffy above the knee skirt, a swimming costume, a white blouse, a pink sleveless roll neck sweater and a strappy flower print summer dress.
The first site is only a mile away. When I got there I parked right by the gate. Before I got out the van I put my heels on with my man clothes. When inside the gate, I locked it behind me and started to stroll around. I have to check the fence and the outside me the building before I go in. Once inside I openned my bag of tricks. Leggins, skirt, blouse and sweater. I did the checks inside, and my paper work, packed my man clothes back in the bag and prepared to brave the outside world.
There was noone there. I locked everything up, got in the van, and went to the next site.
It feels safe in the van. During my 12 mile drive I almost forgot what I was wearing. At the next site I couldn't park right next to the gate, I was 4 cars away. That's not too bad. Deep breath and off I went, without my bag. I was nervous and fumbled the keys a bit. There was a young guy with a dog approaching, but I was in and round the back of the building before he got there. The way out was clear.
The next 6 buildings were also fairly uneventful. Then I got brave. I decided to park a short walk away from the gate. It felt so good walking down the street. Liberating and kinda peacefull. I did the same over and over, each time parking further and further away. I could feel myself relaxing into it, and acting more natural. A couple of times there were people walking the other way. I just kept going hair down, shades on and a roll neck obviously hiding enough of my masculine features. One time there was a woman right there when I got out the van, we greated each other and went on our way. At one site I even got a wolf whistle, from behind.
I have 5 more sites to go then I'm heading back. It's been a great day.
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That's very naughty. You'll need stockings next time.

When I got back to the yard, as soon as the gate was locked behind me, I changed into my strappy flower print dress, and nothing else, except my heels me course.<br />
The van stays in the yard, but the keys and the days paper work need to be locked up in the office upstairs.<br />
I floated across the yard, there was a light breeze, just enough to blow my dress around a bit. It all felt so natural. There are 2 large padlocks on the main door. Reaching the top one was no problem in these heels. I crouched down, knees together to reach the bottom one, which sent a lovely cool breeze up my dress.<br />
I took the paperwork and keys upstairs to the office, it has a simmelar 2 padlocks, then kinda crashed.<br />
It hit me that now all I had to do was lock the office, walk down the hall to the changing rooms and that would be it, all over.<br />
It was only 8 paces down that hall, but it seemed to take longer than the previous 2 mile long walk round.<br />
I walked out me the buildin in my normal man clothes, feeling totally deflated, but somewhere on the drive home a little grin came over me and my cheeks flushed bright red. I felt different, relaxed, cheeky, sexy, almost cute and really really pleased that the day had happened.<br />
I'm back to my usual job today. The boss called me in to explan why it took me so long yesterday. I think he wasn't really interested in why, he just wanted to know that I wasn't going to put in for overtime.<br />
I look forward to the next time.

Sounds like one hell of a day out. I'm glad you had fun!<br />
<br />

It's not the first time I've done it, there are some other stories like that on my profile. I'd love your comments on some of them too. X

Maybe it's closer to 2 miles, but it's still a long way in 5 inch stileto heels. The boss called me while I was walking, told me off for taking so long, everyone will have gone home by the time I get back, so I can lock up, and don't think I'm getting any overtime.<br />
So I get to lock up the yard dressed too. I'll just have to explain to the wife why I'm so late home.

Last site, and as I'm walking towards it there is a large group of lads drinking on a street corner. I managed to walk past on the other side of the road without them noticing. I walked swiftly but as quietly as possible behind the line of parked cars. I got past about 10 cars then there was a gap of 3 cars. While I was half way through the gap, in clear view, I accidentally dragged a heel on the pavement. <br />
They must have heard me and looked up coz I heard 3 shouts<br />
"hello darling"<br />
"oi, you in the **** me shoes"<br />
"come on gorgeous, don't make us chase you"<br />
I daren't look back, just kept walking, but I could hear them behind me, and it sounded like they were getting closer. I was suddenly really sacred.<br />
There was a junction ahead, I neede to cross the road and in right but there was loads of traffic so I went left. Strait after there was a tall fence with am open gate. I ducked inside and closed it behind me.<br />
My heart was thumping so loud it could defen me and my breathing was heavy, but they didn't realise I was there and kept walking. They were being loud so I could hear how far away they were. They crossed the road a way down and I took my chance.<br />
I made it to the site without drawing any more attention to me, but I didn't have my bag to change into something less conspicuous. I was trembling, my heart was thumping, my legs ached from my hips to the balls of my feet and I was really turned on. I locked myself in and relieved the tension ;-) <br />
Now I've got to get back to the van. I think I'll go the long way round. It is a really really long way round, about 3 miles, but it's better than risking that again.<br />
Wish me luck.