High Heels Are Just Sexy!

My favorite pair of shoes has got to be high heels. I admit though in the summertime, I do wear flip flops and sandals because they are just easy to slip on and walk in. But, if I want to feel sexy and complete my outfit, I will definitely choose heels. They look great with anything. I wear them mostly with jeans if I am going out on the weekend. But I also wear them to work with slacks and even dresses. I used to never wear heels and could never walk in them. I never wanted to learn. As I got older, I started paying more attention to the different styles and how great they made a woman's legs look. I decided to learn to walk in them and have never looked back. I own so many pairs and styles in different colors. I know most men just LOVE them on women and for some it is a turn on. I used to buy so many pairs online that it almost became an addiction. I had to stop...and start focusing on and wearing the ones I have! Writing this just makes me want to go out and buy some now!!!
Txsmom Txsmom
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7 Responses May 23, 2012

I always wondered why women like to hurt their feet, knees, and back wearing high heels. Are many women really idiots? I saw a woman limped out of nightclub holding her high-heel shoes.

mmmmmmmm what is your highest pair??

hi...can u add me? what is the highest pair of heels you own?

mmmmmmmm any pics of u wearing heels??

No honestly I don't have any. Maybe I need to get some! :)

Also don't forgot to leave some cleavage open too:)

I can relate to buying to many shoes to ever wear. My addition to buying heels was getting out of hand .I love heels, wear them all the time My husband likes me in heels,but I think I love them more than him.I like you have started wearing the shoes I have now and just enjoying them

mmmmm how high do u wear them??

You are right, they do become an addiction, I know many men who drool over a lady in heels, I also know many ladies who have spent fortunes on their shoe collections.