Because High Heels Are Sexy

In addition to sexy, they make me taller. I'm on the short side (5'7") and they make me taller standing next to many men.

They are flattering not only to my legs but to me. Making my legs stretch more I don't look 'fat', when I think I might.

High heels can really set off that special dress or outfit and make me feel like a 'Million Bucks!'

Oh, yeah! I really do like them and absolutely luv wearing them.

Josie06 Josie06
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6 Responses Feb 26, 2010

I love pantyhose and High Heels. These two ob<x>jects transform me into a woman. As a woman I am always seeking a man to make love to. I would get on my nyloned knees and suck his man muscles because as a man he deserves that I pay tribute to him.<br />
That is my place in this world as his nylon wearing lady.

i do love to see my wife with her 5 inch high heel, and i always snap photo of her feet with high heel and stocking, it make her look very beautiful and sexy

I am so jealous I can't wear at least 3 inch heels everyday. I have to maintain my manhood for my 9 yr old son. I just bought for a Christmas present a new pair of high heel boots ( 3 1/2 inch ) and have only worn them driving to work but they are low key enough to pass for man's cowboy boots. I can't wait for an occasion to wear them on an all day on my feet event. My fantasy is to wear high heels so much that my calf muscles contract so much that I am forced to wear them every day!!!!!!

i feel so femme in a pair of stocckings and then slip into a pair of heels.

The first time I put on a pair of high heels I was about 5. I just took off, like a duck to water. Has stayed the same all my life. Wore them through pre-teen, teen and young adult years. Then not so much. When I put them on again, years later, it was like I never took them off. Even today, many many years later, They are comfortable and just seem/feel right.<br />
<br />
One thing I notice when I'm in heels is that my posture is better and I like that. I think my balance is even better. They make me arch my back, push my chest out one way and my derriere the other. They just feel like an natural part of me. Many years ago I would go for 5" or 6" heels, these day I top out at about 4". They feel comfortable and I am still shorter than many men I know, which I like. <br />
<br />
Tips? Maybe start with 1" or 2" heels and get comfortable when out. Around the house you can put on a pair high heels, just stand in them at first and get use to the new height and balance. Then just take a few steps, make sure it is a hard wood floor/short carpet. When carpet is too high it could throw you off your balance easily. Then just practice, practice, practice as time permits. Try to always make time to practice, as I say at home then maybe short jaunts around the neighborhood. Before you know it you'll be wearing them out and about, maybe even to work..<br />
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Good luck. Enjoy. Just be yourself too!

Yeah me too . Good they make you feel so sexy and feminine. Does wonders for your legs . Have so 6'' black ones i wear with black seam stocking , boy do i feel sexy or what . God i adore shoes . Lol x