He Doesn't Love You

Is beauty the way your body is shaped or the way you dress?
But if the whole world was blind then how many people would you impress?
I don't think men care about you tight jeans or short dress. 
Or those shirts that expose what god told you to protect! 
I'm sorry to sound rude, But how could you approve of any dude who doesn't mind sharing you with the whole world too?
Because he probably doesn't think your beautiful he think your boody- full! 
Gloss lips with make-up on every cuticle! 
And thats not cute at all! 

echo101 echo101
13-15, F
4 Responses Aug 5, 2010

this is lovely! and i totally agree :)

That is soooo TRUE !!!! I love it ❤❤

Totally agree with u....y wud da man hu suposedly love u let u dress in a way dat gets uda men going it jus duznt make sens....a man dat honestly loves u and respects u wants u al 2 himself, and wud want u 2 cover up...!

Love it :)