Hijab Is Amazing

Hi, I'm 21 i started wearing a hijab when i was 19 i just decided 2 wear it day and then stuck 2 it now if i ever took it off id feel naked...i love wearing my hijab it make me feel so respected...i can see the difference in the way people look at me, a few months after i started wearing it my grand dad passed away and a day before him my aunty passed away we were going through a difficult time i cant think of a more perfect time for me to have started wearing it...i became paralysed not long after my grandad passed away...i was paralysed for 6 months was in a wheelchair i can walk now thanks 2 herbal medicines, my family,physio and praying...i just recently gt diagnosed with VLCAD it took the doctors 2 years o find out what was wrong with me... i don't think hey would have still come 2 a conclusion if it wasn't for my mum constantly n their case...anyway i just love wearing my hijab...i am incomplete without it!
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Hello Kuri,

Hello from New York City!

So sorry to hear about your medical issues. I found your story to be very touching and I hope you are feeling better.

BTW, I love hijab and would love to see more women wearing them. I think they are very beautiful.

May the words that pass between us always be kind and considerate.

Best wishes,


are u a muslim?

That's not respect people are looking at you with, it's pity. You have chosen, by wearing the hijab, to throw away your individuality and be nothing but a woman. Western women do the same thing by wearing make-up, jewelery, nail polish, etc.

Life can be so much more, especially if you don't follow a religion which considers you to be a head of cattle for the crime of being born female.

dats ur opinion...i love wearing my hijab....and wer awl individuals by wearin a scarf it dnt make us part of a cult o sumat.....its r own choice nt bein forced to wear it

Yes sister, as a muslimah we should be proud wear our hijab :) Nice and inspiring story

Thanku so much

you r welcome :)

I am really inspired by this your story...:))
in my home every woman wear hijaab and they are not in any way behind this world...
so its from depth of my heart that may Allah gives you and your family health,Happiness and success in this world and hereafter..

Thank you so much ameen

That's really cute :)

Wats cute

Hijab. I think its looks really cute on girls.

O ayt thanx thats not y i wear it but thanx neway lol

I think this is one of the most amazing stories I've herd so far .. I love how your proud of this culture and not ashamed .. And that guy just got on my nerves when he shared his stupid thought !!! I'm sorry for all the mess I made here with your story !!! But if we can't fight for who we are and for our culture and religion what else do we fight for ??

Seriously !!! Thanks Amir !! And who's talking to mr " Robbie " ?? Stay off !! Cuz your starting to do the same as the guy !!! It's not gonna end well !!!

Oops -_____- " my bad !!! I'm sorry then !!

Soooo true if we dont stik up for ourselvrs they just going to think watever theyr saying is right

Robbie i get where ur cumin from...but dat guy started it in dis case....da world dont run n his thoughts and comments....its ppl like dat uu take da mik outa islam and its upto us to put em ryt we can xplain to thm but if dey start goin of n 1 wer nt gna stay quiet r we they jus gna think dey da ryt 1nz

And hope 101 thanx for evrythin u sed means alot

Nd robbie ders a differenc between givin a view or an opinion on sum1z reigion and critisising der religion

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awwwww thanks dat means alot

lol thanks

u got respect in my eyes tooo