Making Love To A Woman's Mackintosh

My mistress is a woman's single-textured cotton (.i.e., rubber-lined), single-breasted, belted, off-white mackintosh. I love the erotic scent and subtle sound of her rubberized fabric and the complete submission with which she welcomes my passionate embrace and excited caresses. Making love to my cherished mackintosh always climaxes in overwhelming, throbbing emotional and pysical satisfaction.

 Time has passed since I shared with you information about my exciting mistress.We just finished a loud, frenzied, passionate  sexual encounter, my woman's rubber-lined raincoat and I. The lovely sight of the clean, off-white lines, the tanatalizing rustling sound of the rubberized material as I, now naked, lifted my lover and laid her on the bed and her overwhelming sexy scent quickly aroused my sexual desires. I stretched out on top, hugged her to my body, put my face down and kissed and licked the loverly rubbber lining. Simultaneously I thrust my manhood repeatedly in and out on the smooth rubber lining. In minutes I once again achieved noisy, climactic sexual satisfaction!  
RobertCox2011 RobertCox2011
5 Responses Jul 3, 2011

I love everything you like.

I share your passion for mackintosh, my current favorite is a long red hooded satin cape. Its easy reading stuff on the web to see how I and lots of others learned to love rubber lined mackintosh because when we were young they were common, but Robert you seem to be young, how did you discover the delights of a mackintosh mistress?

I hope you sleep with your Mistress and make love to her rubber lining several times a night.<br />
I too am obsessed by Mackintosh ad rubber generally. I always wear rubber underwear, usually with a rubber urinal on as well.

That's how I started many, many years ago. brings back some lovely memories

sounds good to me, hope you enjoy it for years to ***<br />