Love Dressing In Ladies' Rubber Mackintoshes And Ladies' Rubber Garments

Since age two, among my earliest memories are my experiences of being exposed to the sensual delights of, first, the rubber sheets, both red and white, in my cot, and rubber pants (white), then, within a year or two of that, my first experience, age three and four, of feeling, touching, then putting on my first ladies' rubber mackintosh.

I was thrilled beyond imagination, with the sound, look, feel, and scent - especially when combined with ladies' perfume - of ladies mackintoshes, and in the case of ladies' intimate rubber garments (such as rubber girdles, bras, panties, bloomer-panties, directoire knickers, lingerie, etc.), baby-powder combined with perfume.

The experience of fully dressing in all kinds of ladies' traditional rubber garments and mackintoshes is, to this day, amazing, and, in the most fortunate instances which I have shared with an enthusiastically willing woman, intoxicating to the point of almost fainting.

I have stories to share in my lifelong affair with ladies' rubber garments and mackintoshes, which I will do in due course.

Thanks for this opportunity!
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Thanks for your comments! However, still being fully heterosexual, my interest and sensual pleasure has always been in dressing in ladies' rubber garments and mackintoshes, as well as ladies regular underwear - i.e., stockings, foundations, bras, suspender (garter) belts, high-heeled classic "court" shoes, etc.<br />
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As such, as a heterosexual ladies' rubber-garment/mackintosh transvestite, I've had the incredible good fortune of having had loving relationships women who were turned on - aroused - by my interest, and who enthusiastically shared mutual dressing and sensual pleasure.<br />
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I'm fortunate in that all these wonderful ladies are of my own generation, or within ten years' difference, and had also grown up in the U.K., France and Italy during the 1950s, and are fully familiar with proper mackintoshes, and who also have knowledge - even pleasure! - of and in such delectable garments, including rubber panties, foundation-wear, sheets, bloomers, sanitary-panties, etc., and ... aprons ...

Very much like my own upbringing what with the rubber cotsheets and later to protect my first 'proper' bed, later finding the shear delight in my female relation rubber mackintoshes. The only difference being in that now I have no desire to wear womens garments, much prefering to wear those made specifically for men. Never the less I still enjoy wearing a rubberised raincoat in public when the weather warrants it.