Women In Rubber Mackintoshes Are a Huge Turn-on

Attractive young women in tightly belted rubberized raincoats are a HUGE turn-on for me. I love (literally) what the Brits call single-textured (cotton with rubber lining) or double textured (cotton inside and out with a layer of rubber in between). An example of the latter is the riding mackintosh. Ooh, la la!

More later.

BobbyCox BobbyCox
4 Responses Apr 12, 2009

Its wondeful that you guys are turned on by womens macs -and slightly unerving.Is it just macs that do it for you?

It is the rubber mackintosh but it also has to be a nice lady in the mackintosh too.A lot has to do with previous history- my mother wore several mackintoshes,all rubber-lined and I associated the rubbery smell,feel and sound of a rubber mackintosh with love and security.Also like many children of my age group I had gas at the dentist with a black rubber mask and red rubber aprons -not pleasant but a very memeorable and distinctive not to say exciting experience in my formative years.Hope this is of interest to you.regards mrbassman

I like ladies in shiny black rubber mackintoshes belted around the waist

I love ladies with huge **** in long rubber macs mmmm what a turn on James.

I prefer the rubber next to my skin, preferably hooded. I put small locks on the belt and neck especially when I got out shopping in one. Always ladies macs. Have altered several and made full hoods which I got to sleep in. Lovely.<br />
Rubber forever.<br />