Years Touching Slips

well when i was younger i kind of got in to looking up skirts at a realy erly age say about 3. well i used to live in london with my parents and i started to look under womens skirts lol. it started one day me and my mum were wating for a bus to go to fulham. and i was lifting up the womens skirt. she was about in her 20s and as i puled up her skirt i saw white. i noticed it was shiny so i touched it. and the girl looked at me a smilled. well i was young and cute at the time. and i asked her what it was. and she told me it was a slip and that it keeps her warm and stops her skirt cling to her. and from that day i had so look out for women in slips. it started to get good when i turned 6. all the girls in my class all wore white silk slips. and some of them wore the cotten ones that i hated. this one day at brake i saw one of the girls from my class playing with them new girl. so i went over to them and they wore both kneeling and you could see there slips on show. at the time i did not care for looking at there knickers as i new nothing about the birds and the bess. at the age i was i was a charmer with the girls in my class so i put the charm on her. she was a cute brunet and i cant get her out of my mind still she was my first gf. i told her i liked her slip and asked if she would be my gf and she said yes. i went out with her for a week and over that time was used to go in the wendy house and she allways pulled up her skirt so her silk white slip was on show and she would let me touch it all the time. and she was the 1st girl i kissed hehe. and one day i was in class with her and it was story time and she did something to annoy me so i hit her on the head with a book. and she left the school a week later.

in the last year of 1st school i made friends with two other girls. one wore a cotten slip and the other a satin slip. the one with the cotten slip was cute and she was in the year bellow me. i was like 9 at the time and i started to get hard ons and at the time i allways get scared it was gona drop off. well she all ways liffted the back of her skirt up and sat on my lap. and she used her slip and rub herself backwards and forwards on me. well the other girl allways flashed her slip at me all the time. she did it when she was other my house.

well thats my story. and from then on it was all tights it was boring and i miss slips on women
tattootom12 tattootom12
22-25, M
Jul 26, 2010