The First Time I Wore A Slip

  1. I have been wearing slips and lingerie for more years than I care to remember. But can still vividly recall the first slip I ever wore. I was about twelve years old and I'd been secretly borrowing and enjoying wearing my older sisters panties for some time. One night I saw the film "A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" on TV. Can't say I was really into it, being pretty heavy going for a twelve year old. But then I saw her. Elizabeth Taylor and what she was wearing, my heart skipped a beat, then started pounding. Jesus that voluptuous body encased in a figure hugging full slip that emphasized every curve. I was mesmerized and I could not take my eyes away. Noting every detail of that gorgeous garment, the thin shoulder straps that lead to the lacy bodice, then the shiny nylon over the bust, down and inwards to the waist then out again over the hips and then finally to the inches of lacy hem at the knees. I knew then that it was only a matter of time before I'd be wearing a slip myself. I had to wait an agonizingly two long weeks before I got my chance, It was an early Saturday evening, my  parents were out to the theater and my sister was out with her boyfriend. I looked in my hated stepmothers wardrobe and saw a few slips there, but for some reason they did nothing for me. Back to my sisters room and the laundry basket, took out a pair of flowery printed polyester bikini panties, then examined her wardrobe, chose my prize and rushed back to my room. I was undressed in no time. Stood in front of the mirror, then slowly pulled those panties up until they covered my bum cheeks and my hard little ******. This was it, the moment I had dreamed of. I had chosen a chocolate colored nylon full slip with a oval space styled between the cups which matched the oval cut outs at the hem. I stepped into it and ever so slowly slid the slip up my as yet hairless legs, then further up past the panties, then the arms through the straps, I looked at my reflection in the mirror, the slip was quite short as this was the 1960s and it was meant to be worn under a mini dress, I loved what I saw looking back at me in the mirror, I posed this way and that, hugged myself and run my hands over my body through the slip. Then slid the slip over the panties on my bum, What a sensation, my little ****** which had been straining in the panties just exploded without me even touching it. It just kept on ******* for about a minute even though I spent all that I had. When I finally came back to my senses I took one last look in the mirror. Reluctantly I removed the slip by lifting the hem up and over my head. I'd always managed not to *** in my sisters panties before, so after I cleaned myself up  I washed them out and dried them with her hair drier. Put then back where I found them, then carefully and with great reverence returned the slip back to the wardrobe.
So that is the story of the first time I wore a slip. Just ten to fifteen minutes of my life I'll shall remember and cherish until the day I die.

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I started wearing my sister's half slips when about 12 and loved it! Like you when I saw Elizabeth Taylor is the full slip I went nuts and years later while house sitting I got the opportunity and nearly lost it - it was so good. I now own several full and half-slips!

I've worn a half slip on several occasions.

You have a gift with words. What a wonderful description of the beginning of something so special. I just love slips, wear one always under a skirt or dress, and yes, the feeling of a slip over lovely silky panties and nylons. I just had to too, wear a slip that is, and also will cherish the joy of wearing slips until I die. Thank you once again.

I have had the same thoughts Susan, to just be dressed like a woman when I die, to just be clothed in the things I love so much. Thank you for your comment. This is so wonderful to share with others who feel as I do. Hugs.

What a fun thought. The ultimate in your face and get away with it act.

I don't recall the make of the slip, just the colour & design. It was about 43 years ago.

That's longer than I've been around--I completely understand !

What brand was the slip ?

Great story and very familiar to me

I would also have to say, lovely, and familiar stories. X

Both lovely (and familiar) stories. And what's best now (after many years repressing the urge and keeping secrets) is sharing these things with my lovely wife.

Nicely done!