Half Slip On Show

Last Sunday my younger BF  and I went out for lunch. He persuaded me to wear a knee length straight red and white patterned floral dress with a cream satin half slip  underneath. The slip was showing by about an inch below the dress when I put the dress on, so  I just rolled the the waist band over like one of the girls at work suggested when your slip is showing. It seemed to work OK  until we moved from the table after our meal when I noticed I had a display of lace at the back of my dress, so I tugged the slip up and my BF said it was OK. we then had a ride through the country side and decided to stop for a cup of tea. When I got out of the car my slip had dropped down by about two inches, so when I HAD TRIED TO PULL IT UP EARLIER I MUST HAVE UNROLLED THE WAIST BAND. Quite embarassing walking into a little tea shop looking for the ladies to put thing right. My BF thought it great and quite excited again by the lace show. It never stayed up and kept showing an inch or so for the rest of the day. By the way my young BF was behaveing and looking I felt twenty instead of fifty.

Slipdown XX
46-50, F
1 Response Sep 1, 2010

I love the sight of a slip showing, especially with a little breeze to help.