I Love Wearing The Vintage Nylon Slips

 I totally agree.. however as I always say .. once you have tried vintage nylon slips .. there is no going back .. they were just made better back then!
I have quite the collection being in the vinatge lingerie business. If you are like myself and cannot live without something soft, sexy and sensual next to your skin and you choose vintage .. make sure where you are buying them from gives exact measurements for the slip or other garment.. Back in the eras considered vintage sizing was much different! What classified as a medium 50 years ago is most definately a small today1 However , after measuring yourself , splurge a little and buy a luxurious nylon material from a bygone era! you wont regret it!
                                                                                                            Hugs, ~ Tanalori
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you sure are right about that lips are the best feeling silky nylon is so good feeling rubbing against your skin WOW get so hard .

Hi I have over 400 vintage slips in the collection vf and van rochet are my fav,,

vintage is where its at. vintage slip, use live models on the internet, so buyers can see how a slip will fit.

When you both get a chance can you let me know some ways or things you would like to see on vintage slip/lingerie sites that would help serve you better? I am revampiong my whiole site, preparing for a new unveiling on Jan 1.. and I want it to offer things, experiences that my customers want to see. I notice everyone seems to be so selling oriented instead of customer oriented and I would like to change that! Any and all help in that resepect is MUCH appreciated! <br />
Have a heavenly day, darlings. Hugs~Tanalori

I agree best slips i get are from charity shops in uk and i always wear at least 2 at a time

Thank you!! I'll try to always keep reminding lovers of fine materials how delicious those vintage slips are! People who have only worn "new" nylon just have no idea what they are missing ! Have a great evening! Hugs

I like your comments on Vintage Slips and thank you for reading my " wearing slips in the Bath" the feeling is out of this world so as to speak. keep up the good work of trying to get people to wear the Vintage slips etc. lovely.