More Half Slip Showing

My young bf now partner is absolutely obsessed by me wearing a half slip paticularly if it shows below my skirt which it frequently does in the house by accident of course (giggle giggle). I was jokingly telling him that I would soon have to wear a full slip as the days would be getting cooler to keep my back warm.  The next day he arrives home with two beautiful satin half slips and matching camisoles in satin in cream and black. I put the cream slip to go out to the theatre on Saturday night but when I looked in the mirror it was showing below my skirt, easy to rectify with a skirt. On leaving the theatre I noticed in a window that a good inch was hanging down and again had to pull it up. When we got home he was all exited as it had started to show again. Today  I wore the same slip to work under a a slightly longer black dress, but all day I kept getting told Charlies Dead, it just seems to slip from my waist on to my hips, the lads in the office seemed to enjoy it though by their comments.When I arrived home I had a good inch on show at the back which seemed to wind my younger other half up into top gear when he came in and as aresult he has now gone out bring a take away back for our dinner. Well I am enjoying the moments as they happen and just hope it lasts as it is great feeling twent or thirty years younger.
When I need something new the mention of full slip will probably work wonders.
Keep you informed of more experiences.

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2 Responses Oct 11, 2010

I also love seeing women showing their silky slips below their skirts (white is my favourite) as seeing women wearing them makes my **** ssoovery hard and I love wearing them then ******* into them .

Ahh the luxury of the slips! I am TOTALLY on the same page with you! My passion for slips and the flashing of the hems and lace while wearing them is such a part of my life that I created a business out of it :) Now, if I can't wear one every day , I deal with my customers that are .. a little joy in every day :). Have a fantastic week.Hugs!