My First Slip (a Gift From Heaven)

I have had a love for feminine clothing since I was very young. Thru the early years I managed to aquire a couple of my mothers old nightgowns and several pairs of panties. My grandmother lived with us for a short while and she always wore a dress with beautiful full slips with wide lace hems. I thought that was so sexy. I had a burning desire to experience wearing one and looking at myself in the mirror in all that delicate lace.

Many times I would open her slip drawer and just look at her many beautiful slips. I feared ever touching them because she was so meticulous on how she folded them. I knew if I ever took one out I would never be able to put it back like it was. I spent years craving for the day I could aquire a slip.

When I was in hight school I was a member of the stage crew and had access to the basement below the stage. I would often skip out of class and hide down there until my next class. One day on one of my regular skip out sessions I went to the basement and there to my Shock! and Excitement! was the most beautiful white full slip with a 4" lace hem and very lacy botice and satin straps just hanging there on a hanger over a pipe in the center of the basement under the one and only light. This was like a gift from heaven. Why is it here? Who put it here? I just about wet my panties (which I wore every day I didn't have gym class). I starred at it in total disbelief, then the thought came over me that it had to have been put there by classmates who knew I hung out in the basement and maybe knew I was a transvestite. My thoughts were if I even touched it they would all come out from hiding and laugh and make fun of me. As much as I wanted it I walked away. For the next few days I made it a point to go down there every chance I got to see if it was still there. It was, and all I could bring myself to do was walk by it and stare at her beauty. Then the day came when I went to look at her again to my sadness this beautiful slip was covered in graffiti. I no longer could leave her there to that abuse and got over my fears and took her.

It was so exciting and sad at the same time to finely get to wear my first slip. I spent hours drying to get the graffiti off with no luck. I still cherished her for years before I got the courage to buy my first new slip. That is another story in it's self. Today I own 100's of slips.
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May 21, 2012