I first started wearing slips when i opened my mothers clothes drawer and saw an array of silky nylon slips... half and full slips, i was transfixed just had to try one on... why? who knows ... but i loved the feel of it over me it excited me....... 30 years on(43 now) still love wearing them

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I too started with slips when at my grandmothers house would go to use the toilet and that's where dirty clothes were.I found full slips of hers and would take then out and rub my **** with them . then when home alone sick when mom would go out shopping would start in my little sisters full slip and het full petticoat and wear them around the house rubbing myself . Would look in mirror at my self . then would go to my moms room and take her slis out and feel them and put them on .It was great . then as got older took slips of neighbors clothes line and go to the woods and play with my self . keep them in jar in woods behind house in ground so no one would find them . helped my moms friend next door move into there new house .found yellow full slip and took it to woods .almost got caught .lady missed it .was asked if took it said no . then when in high school marching band would find girls clothes where they changed clothes and left in closet .I would go though there clothes and find half slips and if it was really nice one and felt good would take it and put in my car til went home . Now days I buy my own slips if want them and panties ,and nighties too
A house I was renting the lady passed away and was asked to take all her clothes to goodwill .
I went though all the bags and found slips and nighties and took all the ones I wanted and liked . would like to hear from you and talk more about slips

I love the feel of a full slip on me also!

I love silky nylon slips. I wear one every day over the rest of my lingerie. I have a couple of them that are double thickness. sometimes I lay on my bed and drag one or even 2 of them back and forth across my **** and balls and the feeling is incredible and it don't take long to have a good hard on.

I started wearing my mom's sips also. What a feeling it is.

I know exactly what you mean; I began with my mothers slips and lingerie xx

It is still a mystery to me why I like silks and satins so much, it all started when I tried on one of my Mother's slips when I was about 12, I was hooked for life, the feeling is wonderful to this day over 40 years later.<br />
I have SILK FRENCH KNICKERS and matching CAMISOLE on today.

First it was my sister's, never my mother's (didn't feel right) and for a while before I got honest with myself, my wife's. Now? I have a lovely variety of silky, satin, long, short, all pretty.<br />
<br />
And my wife masturbates me in them!