Well Duh!

I kind of NEED bras to hold in my boobs.

Yup, yup.

And I need underwear too.

It's kind a mandatory thing for me.

I don't want my boobs to sag or to get a rash from not wearing underwear O.o



CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick 18-21, F 24 Responses Mar 7, 2011

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Just telling hows I see it.

lol snaap

was just a joke

I heard cuckboy4u uses an avvy that's not of him, but it doesn't fool people into thinking he's a woman.

At least I have boobs. And they're natural. And I got a vaginna too. And I was born with it.

Hmm. Fancy a cup of tea?

I heard CrazyHippieChick wears granny panties


It doesn't say that any where.


I can post wherever! :P

I like undies too! xD

uhhh hippie XD this is the transvestite group XD

-.- No!!!!! But you're not from the Bronx AND Italian. He has both. So there! He's one of a kind!!!

Pete's charms are impossible of being stolen!!

-.- I am certain of how you would act!! Bahahaha. I don't really pm people that frequently actually xD I do if I have something to gossip about, but that's about it xD LOL

lol but my ancestors were also Italian so i must have some of those charms as well! :P

hahahah well only one way you can find out! :P

Like you! BAHAHA.

And no -.- The only charms I fall for are MiracleWhipTrickster's Italian charms!!!

And I dunno. Probably because you would act like a ginger if I ever pm'ed you. LOLLLLLLLL JK. xD

lol how do gingers act??

hahahah yeah but your falling for my british charms! admit it! even though we hardly ever pm :P why dont we anyway? lol

You act like a ginger -.-

And psshhh.

You're still my enemy.



i've already proved i'm not ginger and everyone thinks i'm cool cuz i'm creepy :P

Bahahahha Ashlee!

Hhhee the pencil test! xD

I don't wish anything O.O

Those are ewoo.



Oh Ginger, you're an odd one. No wonder Lovely thinks you're cool O.O ahah xD

hahah you wish i did! lol but no i dont :P no one likes them though it seems



That was too much visually O.o


You wear those Imp?? xD


lol no of course not..but do you know what C strings are? they exist! lol

Imp--you do?? O.O

Jennifer--Hehe I always write stuff under I like panties, I like dressing up like a girl etc. etc. Sometimes I get the weirdest of pm's O.o but other times I get a good laugh xD


I don't see how anybody can wear those damn things. Er, thongs. Ugh!

I always get a kick out of girls coming over into crossdresser turf. You are welcome anytime!

i wear Z strings, really comfortable, its like your weearing nothing at all, nothing at all!



I don't wear thongs.

I don't like wedgies.

i wear girls underwear too mostley thongs


Cappy is a creepo D:


no no sis please go on jkjk haha