Wearing Panties

I started very young by stealing panties off the clothes lines and then rushing home to try them on and then ************ in the sexiest pair or i would take what ever panty had the nastiest stain in the crouch and put it over my head with the stained gussett rubbing against my nose and lips and kept licking the stain panties until i cummed in the panties i was wearing...WHAT A RUSH !!!!!!! and then i started wearing panties seceretly from that day on, I think i was about 13 or 14 yrs old and i still wear them to this day but of course my wife knows i wear panties and she is so-so with it and at times has given me her used panties that she is ready to get rid of. I like to wear panties to work which i do often and i like the thrill knowing i'm wearing panties while checking out the other ladies at work in there panty lines and if they only knew.....
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2 Responses Feb 13, 2012

I been wearing silky panties for over 40 years now every day and I love the feeling next to the skin.

I too love to wear my panties to work! It's such a big thrill to stand next to the other girls and wonder if my panties are more sexy than theirs. I always use the stalls when taking a **** at work to keep my secret. I had used the urnals and one day a guy looked over at me and I'm sure he saw my lacy pink panties as I had them pulled out of my fly to let my **** hang out but he didn't say anything. Now I get excited often thinking about if the guys would rub my **** thru my little panties if they saw them. It makes going to work fun every day!