I Wear Lingerie Also

I wear lingerie all the time, I started young like most guys. My first experience was my sisters when I was 13, it was the alure I couldn't resist, they were more attractive, the material was softer more comfortable, the choice of colors was seemingly unlimited. The first time I slipped my leg in I was hooked,l and secretly wore panties until after I was married and my wife found a pair about a year after we married. She questioned me and to my suprise wasn't freeked out or upset, just that she wished I would have had confidence in her and told her before. I was at a loss for words. . . . I from that day forward have never wore anything but panties, and lingerie! I would never go back to boring "male" underwear.

My wife and I go out lingerie shopping for each other, the lingerie section is always the first section of the store I go to. We pick out outfits for each other figuring we want to pick out what we would like to see the other wearing underneath. After the decades of myself wearing lingerie, I am OK with showing it off and don't care anymore who knows or see's. I am secure in who I am and confident in my self to wear what I want for mycomfort and style, after all it is for myself and my wifes pleasure no one elses.
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What a wonderful Wife you have that accepts your lingerie fetish.