I Have A Question For Guys Who Like To Wear Women's Underthings ...

From personal experience I have discovered that there is a type of guy that enjoys wearing feminine lingerie and lady's sexy underthings. These men are heterosexual and not gay; they are not interested in having sex with other guys, nor do they want to play the role of a woman in a gay relationship.

In fact, the men I know that enjoy wearing lingerie are guys who are very masculine and are often construction workers, truck drivers, cops, firemen, deliverymen, etc. It's true! It is always the roughest, toughest dudes who are into lady's underwear!

Why is that, do you suppose? Can it be these guys are trying to get in touch with their feminine side?
meezkite meezkite
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5 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I am straight but have always loved wearing sexy lingerie. I have absolutely no interest in men but do enjoys toys and pegging.

Unanswerable (in my case, anyways)

I wore lingerie for years with no interest in men, but eventually when my ex was fantasizing about me sucking **** I started doing so too. I don't want to do it in real life but I enjoy dressing up in lingerie and thinking about it.

for me it was an older women who got me into it and into my first lingerie outfit and its was like most men who do it say ... soon as they slipped on the feel is so fantastic you just get hooked

I'm straight but love female lingerie, bras, panties, foundation garments, slips dresses sweaters and skirts.