I Had Gonne Into A Store In An Older Part Of Town.

I was admiring a red full slip and bra. The older female sales clerk asked if I needed any help. I told her that I was uncertain if these items would fit. The clerk told me to try them all. I was Shocked. She said a lot of men come into the store.

She could me to a dressing room where I put of the slip and bra. I was wearing male shorts. The clerk asked if I wanted her guidance. I said okay. She opened the door and had me turn around. She said I need something and left. She returned with a pair of panties and stocking. She told me to remove my underwear. I pulled them off and the clerk took them I put on the panties. The clerk asked to see my panties and told me to raise the skirt of the full slip. I did. The clerk told me the panties were a size to big. She left and retuned with another pair of panties which I put on. The clerk told me these fit fit nicely. I put of the stocking and showed off for the clerk. I told the clerk I would pay for all of the items.

The clerk told me the panties and stocking she would pay for, but I had to wear this lingerie out of the store. She had me put on my undershirt and dress shirt and suit. She told me to walk around in the store to get comfortable wearing the lingerie. I did leave wearing the lingerie.

I have been back to the store on many shopping trips and enjoyed each purchase.
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4 Responses Jan 9, 2013

What is the name of the store and where is it? The other store I asked you about also!

Awesome shopping trip ! Love it when the salesgirls are so helpful !!

Wow, and I thought my last shopping trip was good! :)

What a wonderful story! Wish I could do that! :)