When I Was A Teen

when i was a teen my g/f anna and i would dress up slutty on a saturday to go shop lifting ,we both wore little micro mini skirts and a low cut top and black leather boots ,we go into a fashion store pick out what we wanted anna would stand in front of themale attrndent and i would go and put garment into a bag while anna gets the young lads attention by bending over in front of him giveing him a good look up her dress while i slip out of the store with the goods so mini skirts can do alot for us girls ,we need to be spanked of daddy for that
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Naughty girls lol

I would be looking up her skirt too and maybe ask her out

Such a naughty young lady! You should have your bum warmed up!

i would love to see a picture of you in that outfit !!

love the story.

yah gettin that spankn from all our daddies is 1 of the nice things miniskirts can do 4 us =)

You look very confident about wearing a mini skirt in public....

That's a good story, I would let you take anything from the store

very naughty good-looking girls!

Mm they sure can

Add me please :)

Very powerful tool, the mini skirt. Works every time doesn't it?

Always willing to spank a naughty woman like you

Brilliant! Men can't concentrate on anything when there's a ****** on display!

Thats the way to do it girls!

Great wanking material

Oh yes... Good hrd thrashing.

Spanking! Not enough! A thick leather strap is needed!!

Flip up that mini skirt for an OTK spanking on your bare arse!

You deserve severe spanking for that... and more.

You should be spanked for that. Come lie across my lap. This will teach you...

I would have let you steal if I was him.


You need a proper spanking is what you need.

i love minis....add us friends so we can see more of you

u ever take your gf into the dressing room with you and have sex with her?

Im wondering what else you nawty girls got upto....

You do, such a naughty girl

A regular Thelma and Louise ay? cute! (:

A failsafe plan for sure, lol!!! Hey, I see we both have yahoo messenger? Cool. Wanna add each other here, and then we can get in touch on yahoo and chat? Thanks.

daddy wants to spank you donna... lift up that skirt for me right now...

Did you ever get caught?
What if the people working were female? I can't imagine too many men would be working in a womens fashion store.

I understand why you had to have a bag for the mercandise. Mini skirts limit the places you can hide your ill-gotten gains. LOL

**** yeah. I should've been a cross dresser in my younger years, although I doubt I would have received the same attention.:)

very sexy!!

Love to hear more about you two naughty naughty girls and your adventures!!

please add me

Tut tut you bad girl ;-) would love you to show us xxx hope you put some more stories on soon ... Thank you xxx

Would love to put you over my knee, lift that tiny skirt, pull down that thong and spank you good.

Oh I'm not sure one spanking will do. I may have to keep you behind after class quite a lot.

This daddy would make sure to pull you down over my knee, lift your mini skirt and spank your little stealing ***. Then you would be required to model whatever you stole but you would have to change in front of daddy or get more spankings on your bare ***

my eldest daughter went stealing like you her *** was very sore when i finished with her

I was security at pennies,I tried to stop a hot girl once and stuttered,she laughed at me and walked out,word got out and all the hot girls were stealing when I worked,they would smile when they passed me with hundreds of dollars worth of clothes,

do you still do it

Well yes U'r rigrt , bend over & grab U 'r anckels Baby Girl Daddy's gona Spank That *** untill its red . Then get on U'r knees & Suck Daddys **** Untill I Fill U'r Naughty Mouth up with all my *** & U better not lose A Drop Baby Girl , Swallow it all !!!!

Steal from me

my eldest did some thing like that and she got a very good spanking for it and the paddle to finish

The contours of a woman are the stealthy trap for a man


Just shows how easy it can be to shop lift if you do it right
You girls really should have been spanked by your daddies

Daddy rewards little slutty dressed girls.....

(Jennifer) then it would still work, because all females are single, bi, and horny. Duh,

I think you need to lay across my knees now...

Yes you do! I recognise your ingenuity, but you and Anna both need to be spanked. Would you rather watch Anna get hers first or would you rather go first and then stand with a burning bottom while she gets hers?

Did you ever appear on jim'll fix it.

i stopped a teen in jcpenny,she had a ton of stuff,she was so gorgous and when she made eyecontact with me i was under her spell,she said no sir i didnt take anything and walked away,i watched her shop-lift every friday night for a year,she would walk in with a bag of empty bags and walk out full,i loved watching her sweet *** walk out the entrance shaking with her heavy bags

hahaha... what did you like more the shop lifting, dressing up slutty or being spanked?

hey donna can u add me

I would love to have you over my knees and pull your little minie up and your little panties half down and spank you really good then have you suck daddys love rod.

I think you are BOTH very bad girls... I think I need to put each of you over my knee in turn, skirt up and panties down, and spank you! Then, to make daddy happy, you both need to get naked and please each other...

oh donna... such a naughty girl. you definitely need to have your skirt pulled up, your pants pulled down and be given a hard spanking by daddy! afterwards you can show daddy how much you love him by kneeling and giving him your mouth....

Would love to see more of you

young girls with miniskirts can be very distracting...LOL...I'd love to see what is under your skirt though!

Naughty girl!
I'd love to see the pics. Could you add me?

u r so sexy - kitty kisses

Yes girls own men and you must remember this saying "hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn"

enjoyed your story, thanks

I'm a sucker for that trick

wonderful story... it is true, you ladies can so often have your way with us...

Naughty naughty .... this Daddy's willing to punish you if you add him! :-)

Shame on you. True we are suckers for beauty.

We men are suckers for a panty flash.

thats sneaky but im sure i would fall for that sexy girls in mini skirts hot! n yes spanking u would b great!!:)

yes you need spanked for being so open add me ill spank you like your daddy would

yes you do!

Let me spank your bare bottom plz. Add me also....

you really do need a spanking for that

very nice, thanks for sharing!..;)

naughty naughty girls

Naughty girls...

Well, there is a point at which I draw the line. I want people to look at me and be attracted to me, because I look nice. One reason is I have a clear conscience and a clean mind ..... Gees I'm sound more and more like a prude, because I guess I am...

lol thats so funny! did u ever try n get caugt just 4 the spankn?

You were so naughty when you were teens. I bet you sure made the clerks day and he looked forward to your next visit. Would you please add me to your circle of Friends.

Shoot, the store clerks would most likley just give you stuff if they had half a brain! ;-)

That is a good system, and a good use of mini skirts

Thats hot

verysexy u girls come get ur spanking.then be ready to please me.u up 4 that

Stealing is WRONG.

I think yr Uncle can do a good job spanking you for yr naughty behaviour. Let's be friends.

I'm prepared to do the spanking just to make for all of that lost time in your past... now come over here!

I bet there are shop assistant everywhere still ************ over you two and many, many 'daddy's' who shouldn't be so aroused by the thought of disciplinning young ladies

LOL, I'll spank you.