Petticoat Or Babydoll?

I have a full length gorgeoous 3 layer chiffon tiered petticoat that I just didn't want to take off, so I hit on the Idea of wearing it to bed as a nightie. I just pull It up over my chest and it turns into a lovely babydoll nightie.
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1 Response Jul 12, 2010

i grew up wearing those same little girl style full length multil<x>ayered petticoats almost everyday. and when i outgrew the store-bought ones. my mom would handmake them to fit me along with my dresses, well into my late teens. in fact, i still fit into many of those full petticoats and dresses, and enjoy wearing them out and about whenever my wife is in the mood for some intimate excitement.<br />
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likewise, since i grew up in the "petticoat and babydoll" wearing era. i have several of those original ruffled babydolls, and often wear them to bed. and yes, sometimes i get into a weird sissy mood, and i'll wear both. a full petticoat under my frilly babydoll. and of course, the matching frilly bloomers over my set of night diapers. why not! :)<br />
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and guess what? our 15 year old daughter has really taken to wearing many of my clothes, including the babydolls and other little girl attire that i wore when i was her age. <br />
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thanks for bringing this idea up.<br />
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I too love those frilly petticoats, never tried it as a night dress, but I think I will for more excitement in bed.