Jonny And Aunty Peggy Chapter 2

After a few minutes, she asked me to stand at the foot of the bed. My **** was still rock hard and the feeling of her underwear on my body was so intense. She sat on the end of the bed in front of me. “Mmmm…” she murmered. “Aunty likes a nice hard ****. Tell me, do you play with yourself at all?” I felt a little embarrassed and didn’t say anything. “It’s ok Jonny” she said softly. “It’s perfectly ok to **********. Do you like to **********?” The tension drained from me a little. “Yes, Aunty, I do like to **********”. She looked up at me and smiled. “Good boy” she said, as though she were rewarding a pet for being good. “And how often do you do it?” she asked. Feeling that it was natural to talk to her about it, I replied: “It depends. During the week I usually do it in my bedroom once I have gone to bed most nights. At weekends, if mum and dad go shopping on a Saturday and I’m not working I’ll do it all day.” Aunt’s eyes opened wide. “All day?” she repeated. “How many times during the day?” she asked. “I dunno” I said. “Maybe seven or eight times in two hours.” Her eyes lit up. “Good boy!” she repeated again. She stroked my legs, running her hands up and down the silky stockings. It felt really nice and I told her so. “I’ve never worn women’s underwear before Aunty” I said. She asked me if I liked it. “Yes” I said, “very much”. “Good” she replied. Then, she leant forward and kissed the end of my ****. I was a little startled and my **** leapt up involuntarily as she kissed it and the end tapped her on the nose, leaving a blob of clear liquid that had oozed from the end of it. She giggled and used a finger to wipe the streak of clear liquid from her nose and then, looking me straight in the eye, licked her finger clean. It was so exciting to see her do it. She then leant forward again and, reaching round and holding my bottom, opened her mouth and took the end of my **** into it. It felt hot and wet. My **** was twitching like mad, but she held me tight and slid her mouth down the length of it. Then she stopped and let go of my bottom, reached to her chest and cupped a huge *** in each hand and looked up at me. It was a sight that will live with me for the rest of my life. There was me, dressed in my Aunty lingerie with her kneeling in front of me with my **** in her mouth while she squeezed and pushed her **** up in front of her at me. It was a truly awesome sight.
She sucked and released my **** as though she were drinking through a straw. Suddenly, I felt an enormous rush through my body. My **** started twitching uncontrollably and my knees buckled. It felt like somebody was squeezing something deep inside me at the base of my spine. I looked down again. Aunty was still looking at me with my **** in her mouth, still holding her **** up. My legs virtually gave way and at that point she quickly removed my **** from her mouth. Just as she pulled back, an enormous squirt of white fluid erupted from the hole at the end of my ****. She was sitting about 2 feet away from me, but the squirt shot straight at her, the front end of it landing right on top of her head. It was at least a foot long and the back end of it landed right on her face, laying down the left hand side of her nose and across her mouth. She moved forward slightly as another eruption left my ****. This time it hit her full in the face just under her nose. She didn’t blink, just looked straight at me smiling. A third bolt went into her open mouth and landed on her tongue, followed by another, then another. It seemed to go on for ages. The last few squirts were weaker and she caught them on her huge ****. I regained my composure. Panting heavily, the intense feelings subsided slowly.
I looked at Aunty Peggy. Her face was a mess. She had my stuff all over her. It was in her hair, streaked across her face, up her nose and she had her mouth open, showing me that loads of it was sitting on her tongue. She was smiling, still looking me straight in the eye. She closed her mouth and slowly pushed some of the stuff from her lips. It ran down her chin and fell onto her big ****. She grasped my still hard **** and wiped the red end over her ****, rubbing the stuff on her hard nipples with it. Then she pulled me down so I was kneeling with her and leant forward and kissed me. Just a peck at first, but enough so that my fluid touched my lips. Then she gently pushed her tongue between my lips. I could taste the stuff as she kissed me. It was surprisingly sweet and heady. I responded and kissed her back searching out her tongue with mine. We kissed for ages, tonguing the ***** backwards and forwards. Every now and then she would stop and wipe a little from her messy face with her forefinger and push it into my mouth. After she did this a few times, I started to lick it from her face between kisses. She clearly loved this. Then she offered me her huge **** and I dutifully obliged, licking them clean for her. My **** was still hard, a fact that seemed to both surprise and delight her.
She turned and bent forward again. “Jonny, I want you to rub the end of your **** onto my bumhole” I paused before saying “But Aunty, there’s stuff all over the end of it”. She looked round and smiled at me. “I know” she said, “That’s why I want you to do it!” She leant forward again to offer her huge backside right up to me. I shuffled forward on my knees and held my hard **** in my hand. I had to be careful, as there was a big drip of goo about to fall from the end. I carefully positioned the end of my **** above her cute round anus and pressed it against her hole. “Mmmmmm…” she murmered, “That feels soooo good!” The drop of stuff had spread over her hole, making it slippery. I moved the head of my **** in a circular motion around her hole. At that point I decided to improvise. I wasn’t sure if Aunty would approve or not, but decided to try something myself. I bent down and licked her messy bumhole, tasting myself on her, probing her anus with my tongue and pushing the ***** inside. “Ooooooohhh!” she exclaimed. “You naughty, naughty boy Jonny!” I then wiped some stuff that had dribbled down the shaft of my **** with my finger. She was watching me, her head craned round so she could see. She reached behind and held a massive cheek in each hand and spread herself wide apart. Her bumhole dilated. “Stick your messy finger in my bumhole” she said, “Push the *** into my bum” I did as she asked. She seemed to adore her bottom being prodded and poked. I once again rubbed her anus with the end of my ****. She purred with pleasure. Then I had another idea.
“AuntyPeggy?” I asked, inquisitively. “Yes Jonny?” she asked. “Would you like me to push my **** in your bottom” I asked gingerly. “Jonny!” she exulted in a mock horror way. “How dare you suggest such a thing?” As she said it, she pulled her bottom further apart and wiggled it, rubbing the underside of my **** over her hole. “Well, Aunty, I have noticed that you seem to like your bottom being touched and I just thought…..” As I spoke, I leaned forward, applying downward pressure on to the head of my ****. “… that maybe you would want me to?” She pushed her bottom a little further back at me. “Hmmm” she groaned. “Well Jonny, It is quite naughty for a man to put his **** in a ladies bottom” I pressed a little harder. “Do you think that Aunty can fit your **** in her bottom?” I pushed a bit more and leant forward a little. Her anus opened enough to allow the head of my **** inside. She gasped. “Oh!” Her cheeks were wide open as she held them apart. “It’s inside you Aunty” I said. “Mmmm…. I can feel it” she replied. I pushed a little more. It was very tight and gripped my **** hard, but all the ***** that I had tongued into her had made it nice and slippery Her anus now had hold of my ****, the muscle gripping tightly around the rim under the end of it. I pushed again and as I did so she pressed back. Slowly my **** slipped up into her tight bum, bit by bit. “Jonny, your **** feels so big inside my bum.” I continued to push getting further and further into her until my whole length was inside, my pubic hair flattened against her. I stayed still, feeling her tight ring gripping the base of my ****. “It’s all inside you now Aunty” I said. “Mmmmm… I can feel it” she said. “I can feel your heart beating through the thick veins on the side of your ****” I eased back, sliding my **** slowly out of her until the ring of her bum again gripped behind the head of my ****. I pushed forward again until my balls pressed against her ***** again. I felt something tickle my balls and realised that she was fingering her *****. “Aunty Peggy?” I asked. “Can I play with your big **** please?” “Oh yes,” she said excitedly. With my **** right up inside her bottom, I reached under for her ****, but couldn’t quite reach. With my **** still inside her, I lifted my left leg and took my weight on it and then my right leg, so that I was squatting with her bottom between my thighs. I could then lean right over her back and hold her huge ****. I was very excited now. I wondered what we looked like. There was my Aunty Peggy on her knees, face pressed to the carpet. I was astride her, squatting, dressed in her corset, stockings and heels with my hard **** right up her bum whilst squeezing and kneading her massive ****. It felt divine. I slid my **** nearly out, slowly. Then pushed it back in, slowly. I built up a rhythm, getting quicker with each stroke. “Yes!!!!” hissed Aunty, “That’s it, **** my tight arse hard”. This excited me further. “I like it when you talk like that Aunty” I said. “Good” she replied. “**** me with your hard ****, squeeze my big **** and don’t stop until you shoot your hot *** up my arse!” This was too much for me and I felt myself at the point of no return again. I quickened my thrusting, each time my **** went fully home she shouted “Yes, Yes, Yes!” I felt that I would shoot again and slamming my **** really hard into her I held it there and squeezed her **** hard. My **** was right up her bum and I could feel it squirting into her. “That’s it, fill me with your hot *****” she shouted “Squirt it all into my arse!” I was pushing so hard with my hips that she could barely stop herself from being pushed forward as I unloaded it all into her bum. Six, seven eight nine squirts, I could feel each and every one as it happened. Finally it subsided and I lay over her back panting, still feeling her huge ****. She was gyrating her hips and cooing contentedly.
After a minute or so I had my breath back. “Shall I pull it out now Aunty?” I asked. “Mmm Yes” she said. I slowly pulled my **** out. The shaft was glistening with my ***** and when I pulled the end out her anus was still open. I could see that there was lots of my ***** up inside her. “Oh Aunty, I’m really sorry, but I’ve made a lot of mess in your bottom” She giggled and said “That’s okay, your Aunty doesn’t mind. In fact she loves to have a spunky, messy bottom!” Then she added “Pass me the mirror from the dressing table.” I walked precariously in the high heels to her dresser and fetched the mirror. As I walked back to her she commented how I walked well in her heels. She also expressed surprise again that my **** had not lost its hardness. “It’s still hard!” she exclaimed. “When you **********, how many times do you do it before it goes soft?” I shrugged my shoulders, “I dunno” I said. “I usually do it three or four times but it would stay hard for more if I kept on.” She took the mirror. “Good boy” she said again. She laid the large round mirror on the floor and then squatted over it, looking down so she could see her crotch in it. “Lay down and get close and watch” she said. I lay on my stomach with my head nearly touching her. I saw her thighs shaking and realised that she was pushing as though she were going to the toilet. There was a loud bubbling noise and a squirt of ***** spurted from her bottom. She did this three or four times before reaching down and sticking a finger up her bottom, assisting the last of the ***** from her tight hole. “There” she said. “That’s got it all”.
I spent the rest of the afternoon with Aunty Peggy. We undressed each other and I marvelled at her body without the corset. Her tummy was big and soft and I loved the feeling of my **** against it. We showered together, my **** still hard. She enjoyed soaping it and put it between her big ****. We dried each other and then got onto her big bed where she had me lick her ***** again before telling me to “**** my swollen **** with your hard ****.” She lay on her back as I ****** her. It lasted a bit longer this time, ending in her with her legs up beside her head as I ****** her deeply, with her shouting obscenities. “That’s it, get it right up me”…. “**** my **** and squeeze my big ****”… Fill Aunty Peggy’s ***** with ***” I squirted into her again as she squeezed my balls. She was amazed that my **** still didn’t soften and she sucked it clean. “Aunty loves to taste her hot **** juice on your hard **** Jonny” she said.
Then she had me lay on the bed and she straddled me. Once she had got my **** inside her again she sat up and held her **** as she bounced up and down on it. I held her big bum in my hands and forced her right down on my **** as I thrust my hips upwards. She let go of her **** and they bounced about wildly as we ****** and I shot deep into her again with her grinding down onto me. Afterwards, I asked if I could lick the *** from her ***** and she slid forward and sat on my face. I licked her for all I was worth, holding her big arse. She squealed with delight as she squirmed on my face. She was holding my **** at the same time, astonished that it still hadn’t gone down.
I asked if she would dress me up again, which she did. She dressed me in several outfits, experimenting with various combinations. I ****** her again whilst dressed. The feeling of her stockinged legs against mine was incredible. This time we ****** for what seemed like hours. Aunty Peggy was gasping for breath as I slammed in and out of her. This time, she got on all fours again ("**** my dripping **** from behind”) and asked me to take my **** out before I shot my *****. When the time arrived, I told her I was about to *** again. “Take it out” she snarled “I want you to squirt it over my bum and *****.” Once again, hot stuff spurted from my **** and I held it and directed it at her bumhole. There wasn’t as much as before, but still a good quantity, I aimed three shots at her tight arsehole and then finished the rest over her ***** lips. I decided again to improvise and just as the last of the *** had splattered her *****, I stuck my still hard **** into her bum again. Aunty Peggy yelped, with surprise rather than pain, as I slid the whole of my **** hard into her arse, which was slimy with my *****. “OOOHHH Jonny!!!” She shouted, “You naughty, naughty boy, you’ve stuck your hard sticky **** right up Aunty Peggy’s *** soaked bottom again! **** me hard up there you naughty boy!” I did as she asked, my **** stayed hard and I ****** her arse as hard as I could. She panted with delight with every thrust and I kept going relentlessly until I shot deep in her arse for the second time that day. “My, my Jonny, what a rude boy you are, ******* AuntyPeggy like that” she giggled.
I ****** Aunty Sarah one more time that afternoon before finally my **** softened, this time she milked my **** with the muscles inside her *****. Afterwards, Aunty Peggy helped me out of her corset and stockings, kissing me gently as she did so. I looked at the clock for the first time since I arrived and was horrified to see that it was almost 6 o’clock! I had been there nearly four hours. I asked AuntyPeggy if she might want me to visit again sometime. She grinned and said that she had already decided that I should visit frequently from now on. “I think that you should come and see me regularly” she said. “You can come round and **** my *****, my arse and *** over my face as often as possible. Aunty Peggy gets a little lonely on her own sometimes and she would very much like your hard **** in her body as much as possible.”
I got dressed and Aunty kissed and cuddled me for a while and then I said, “I must go home now, mum and dad will wonder where I’ve been.” Aunty giggled and said goodbye. I raced home on my bike. When I got home, mum said “Where have you been all afternoon?” I got a drink from the fridge. “I told you I was going to Aunty’s to help her lift something” Mum carried on. “Yes, but I didn’t think that you’d be there that long. Aunty normally doesn’t want you round her house four hours at a time, she’s very busy.” I smiled to myself.

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Jan 11, 2013