Directoire Knickers

My love of directoire knickers goes back several years ,when I was a young boy in the earlie 1960s. Most of the ladies that I knew wore directoire knickers,my mum my gran and most of my anties .I recall one day visiting one of my anties with my mum ,I was out playing in the garden by myself ,I noticed that my anties washing was hanging out and there were two pairs of directoire knickers out drying the washing line was not in fulll view from the house,a sudden urge come overover me that I would love to were her knickers I sneeked them of the washing line took them to the garden shed ,took of my shorts and underpants as I pulled on her knickers ,the feeling I can describe as fantastic .My little d---k became rock hard ,I walked around the garden shead enjoying the feel of the gorgous silky knickers on my body .That was the beginning of my love of directoire knickers as for now I weare directoire knickers 24/7 to day I have a nice peach pair on ,peach is my favorit colour but I have loads of all diffrent colours I love reading stories and hearing about other peoples love of directoire knickers .
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I had a simular experience to yours;when I was about 14 years old I was sent for a working holiday in the country; on one day the maid came out in the garden to hang the family washing out; included on the line were 2 pairs of pink cotton interlock knickers and when I though the coast was clear I crept towards the clothesline and took a pair down and I disapearred behind some hedges out of view. I quickly undressed and pulled on the knickers which were soaking wet but I didn't care as I had a rageing hard on. I then w****d off my rock hard c**k into the knickers holding out the waist elastic as I watched a big load of s***k shoot into the knickers; gawd I needed that. (I wish I could do that nowadays) I was in seventh heaven. I then took the knickers off and hung them back up on the line. I often wondered what the landlady must have thought if she noticed the dried ***** in her knickers; anyway nothing was said or even hinted at.<br />
For the uninitiated I must mention the knickers in question did have elastic on waist and legs; yes what a joy to feel the elastic hugging your thighs.

Lovely story Hilda - would loved to have given you a hand whilst wearing my directoires - thank you for sharing..........Stef

I wear DK's every day now under my suit, a lovely feeling all day.

I either wear Directoire Knickers or French Knickers every day, they are wonderful and the feeling of silky material around the thighs and buttocks is wonderful.

My first choice will always be directoire knickers ,but there are times I will weare french knickers I stoped wearing male underware several years ago

Back in the 40's when I was young, DK's were pretty much what most ladies wore. I loved it when they wore nylon stockings and a garter belt but with the elastic leg of their knickers covering the welt of their stockings. I used to be able to watch a couple of my great aunties go pee and they always puled them down to their ankles when they were peeing.