Directoire Knickers Are My Ultimate Passion In Lingerie

The feel, the look and touch hold no bounds in sheer pleasure and joy

RitaVesttens RitaVesttens
36-40, M
6 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Thank you for sharing with use some of the best pictures of a lady in her Directoire Knickers

I have too agree with you ,their is nothing more feminine than a silk pair of Directoire Knickers ,as for myself I have been wearing Directoire Knickers for almost 40 years

loved your photos ,you look fantatic in your Directoire Knickers just so feminine and very sexy

I have over 250 pairs of all colors ever made ,I started wearing them every day. Ottoveli

Wearing Directoire Knickers is always a wonderful experience next to the skin.

The best knickers ever invented, I wear them most days.
When not wearing DK's I wear French Knickers.

I agree Directoire Knickers are the best I first put on a pair of DKs when I was about 10 or 11 and have been wearing them ever sence,that was over 40 years ago ,I have over 100 pairs of all colours ever made