A Glorious Fulfilment

What could be further from plain, thick belted trousers, the constrained legs of maleness, the woolly socks, the dullness of greys and blues, plain and largely unpatterned?

I love my petticoats because they are a freedom, a complete liberation into something else that I am. To shower, pamper youself warm and dry ... then surround your waist with a pretty suspender belt ... slip on some silky stockings and secure them ... draw on a very pretty little pair of really feminine panties ... ease on a silky lace-edge camisole ... and then ...

And then! Choose a full, ffrilly, lace and frothy petticoat! Oodles of long, light girly material, pretty as they come. And to step into it, draw it up your silky legs, feel it catch on your suspender clips, then slide over your silky panties and up to meet the suspenders around your waist: oh that feeling of sheer, luxurious, feminine gorgeousness!

And to look at the whole effect in the full-length mirror: pretty, sensuous, ultra-feminine, as gorgeous as you feel inside, as you gather the fullness of all that lace and nylon in your hands and then let it fall back again, and hold the soft loveliness wide as it goes, and feel all the sensations as it moves against your silky legs, so free underneath this wonderful skirt! And see how the light shines through, revealing your pretty panties and stocking-tops, and turn to see what anyone else could see from around you.

There is only one thing more to add to this feeling of perfection: to go downstairs and greet your wife (or lover) and be admired, and embraced and loved, feeling the abundance of the petticoat between your legs pressed together, hands grasping your panties through the lace, fingers tracing your suspenders ...

... and the final wonderful completion of her head under your petticoats, making love through all your softness and flimsiness, to make you hard and big and strong.

Oh yes! I love my petticoats because they make for such sensuous sexiness in all my male/femaleness!
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5 Responses Jan 8, 2011

ohhhhh that is so hot,,,i don't have a petticoat but would love to dress like you hon.

You explained this really well, I like the same things,the feel of silky petticoats over my FRENCH KNICKERS,worn with hold ups SILK STOCKINGS.....................Lovely.

love hearing your explanation.

You discribe that with real passion my friend. I'm quite jealous. X

My sentiments exactly .