My First Petticoat When I Was 5

I loved seeing my sisters bouncing and floating with their petticoats and silky little girl dresses. When I was 5 I saw one of the pink petticoats hanging in my sister's closet. I pulled on it and felt it with my little hands. Suddenly it fell of the hanger and was all over me. I just froze for a second, then pulled all my clothes off and slipped the petticoat on. I went to my sister's panty drawer and grabbed the pink ruffled panties that matched. I pulled the panties on and felt the petticoat and panties against my hands. I began dancing and spinning all around the room. I was in heaven and pictured myself with a dress. I looked in the closet and finally found a pink frilly dress that was silky and ruffled all around.
As I was struggling with the dress, my mom came in the room and screamed like death. I started crying and my mom started talking really angry and roughly put the dress on me. Then she pushed me out and made me dance in front of my sisters and my dad. She laughed and made fun of me and my sisters said mean things and all I could do was cry and dance.
My mother said that I had been punished enough and took the clothes off me. I sat down on the floor in the pink panties and cried and cried. I was so sad to take the clothes off.
This set my future. I spent all my effort when no one was around getting dressed up then putting everything back before I was caught. I began taking panties and slips and secretly changing into them at night under my pajamas. When I was about 11 I began to get hard everytime I touched silky material. I cut out the pages of bras and panties from the Sears catalogue and kept them in my room hidden in books. I would change out of the panties and put them in the laundary and then get a fresh pair. I took one of my mom's long silky slips and wore it like a nightgown at night. I began to shoot ***** when I was about 12 and the sensation was overwhelming. I tried to make time to do it every day.
When I was 12 I got a regular job as a janitor in the 5 and 10. I wanted to touch the panties and bras all the time and so I began helping to arrange them after the customers would go through the stacks. I would go down the panty isle and restack every size and color, of which there must have been about twenty different ones. The clerks were glad to have the help and sometimes would give me pointers or instructions about how to lay the little girl panties out flat and fold the bigger lady's sizes to fit in their place on the shelf. I was equally rearranging the slips and bras. I was so turned on by the silky materials that I would clock out and just do all the folding for free. It was not long before I started taking one of the panties and ******* in the restroom. Since I was the janitor I could spend as much time as I needed in the restroom because I had to clean it. I began to change into panties and wear them the whole time I was working. I started to wear panties home and jack off all night. From that time on I was wearing girls panties more than I was wearing my boys underwear.
I needed more money so I got another job that paid a lot more. I began to go the the second hand stores and bought lots of slips, panties and bras. I jacked off so much that I began to wear the skin off my little tool. I had to get more selective and buy the most silkiest material to rub on my little ****.
Now, 40 years later, I am doing the same thing, except now I buy new dresses and I have hundreds of panties and slips and more than a hundred bras. I love the feeling of women's clothes and just have a fake outer layer of men's clothes everyday. At night I have dozens of silky nightgowns to choose from.
I have discovered that I have to have every color of everything because I express my feelings as colors and I enjoy the variety of feelings.
My desire is to find another like me so we could do these things and more together.
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When no one was home, I would take the sheet off my bed and make a full skirted dress out of it. I would take my belt, fasten it around my chest, and then tuck the sheet in gathers all the way around. I would slide the gathers and belt around as I went. When I was done I had a very full and flowing dress to swish around in.

very familiar- isn't it nice to have a closet full of petticoats!

I had an experience very similar to yours. When I was about 10 I saw 3 of my neighbors very full petticoats laying on the grass drying out . I wanted to touch them so bad. I had my chance a few days later. No one was home one afternoon so I called one of the sisters and got permission to get a book I had left earlier at their house. Once in the house I went to the bedroom of the girls and found the petticoats hanging in the closet with some pink and white party dresses. I remember my hands trembling as I took my clothes off and prepared to slip into a pair of panties. When I had them on I prepared to fulfill a long time fantasy. I pulled one of the petticoats down (white) and slipped it on. It felt wonderful !!!! I pulled another petticoat off it`s hanger (pink) and slipped it on over my head and down on top of the white petticoat. They were so full!! and felt even better. I walked around the house twirling and looking in the mirrors. Something was missing..... I went back to the bed room and put on one of the pink and white party dresses. Wow !! My fantasy was coming true. I spent about 10 min. dressed up and then had to take it all off in a hurry. I saw the two girls coming home. I raced back to the bedroom, took all my fantasy clothes off got dressed and left before they came in the house. It was an afternoon I will never forget.Ps. You ought see all the petticoats and party dresses I have now. Petticoats take sooo much room in a closet. hee hee but so worth it.

Lovely story. You were one lucky girl. I wonder if your mom planted the clothes there for your pleasure? I had two older brothers I shared my bedroom with, so no way to follow your path as a child. I did have a place to hide my homemade diapers. I only got to wear about once a week. Love my rhumba panties now.<br />
frilly up :)