Wish I Could

I do not have a petticoat but have fantasized about wearing one for a long time. I don't know whee to find them but I would love to own one or more. I think they are one of the most fem things that a good gurl can own. They say prissy fem like nothing else. There is no doubt when you are wearing one what you are. You are a very prissy, very feminine, very sexy gurl. So though I can not say I have beenin one I sure would like to, and will find a way as soon as I can.
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Girlfriend, they are not hard to find, you can buy them from EBay all day long, just search Square-dance dresses or dance petticoats, you can buy them, very reasonably, the sellers, that I bought from, at very reasonable prices, are selling them for ladies, that no longer square-dance, I own either 14 or 15, the 80 yd. ones are my favorites, but, I also love the 50 yd. ones, have as much fun as I do, you can also find matching dresses, skirts and blouses, belts, petit panties, sissy-panties, and shoes, have fun,

If you can get to a computer, try 2 sites that I have bought from. 'Fan plus friend' or 'Bodyline'. They are both reliable sites, not too expensive, and sell very full petticoats with lashings of lace as well as lots of other lovely things. You might like to just look at first, because they have a lot to see. Hope this helps.

I got my petticoat from Amazon.com. I love it. It feels so good. Now, all I need is a sexy satin French Maid outfit to go with it.

If I could get my hands on a nice full petticoat I would wear it under a nice party dress and go out somewhere.

Do a lot of people still wear petticoats? I know what they are but I don't think I've actually seen one. Though with the proper dress I think they would be very, very sexy! I hope you find one.

You have seen them you just don't know it. Have you evr seen a lady square dancing? Under her skirt is a big peticoat.

Yeah, I've seen those, also all those french maid uniforms have them. I actually wanted to dress up in something similar last Halloween but the wife finally vetoed it.

You got it! I would be in heaven if I could wear an outfit with a petticoat like the square dancers have. I just think that look is the most feminine thing. Not the most sexy, but deffinately the most feminine.

I not able to use the internet for buying fem things.