Petticoats And Underskirts.

I always if I am wearing a dress wear a petticoat but this is deemed very old fashioned by my age group, lots of my friends think it is silly, but the dress takes on a better contour to my body with a petticoat.
If I am wearing a skirt, I wear a half slip.
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I wear vintage dresses and skirts with net petticoats everyday today. I do go out in public with them sometimes, but not on a windy day.

I agree and always wear a slip.

I love petticoats under skirts x

Its not old fashioned its traditional wearing a slip or petticoat. It also indicates you believe in traditional virtues.

I bet you look really cute and sexy in petticoats and full and half slips. Would love to see pics of you wearing slips and even nighties too .Hope to hear from you .Im a male who loves slips and all nylon lingerie. I like seeing women in slips and showing slips fromunder there dresses so sexy .I get turned on seeing that but I also like wearing slips and panties and nighties .

I am so happy to hear that you do. I love the crinkly sound of a petticoat, especially when my hand is under there making the sound.

admirable dress sense

Thank you, wearing them is a lady like attribute.

And running my fingers on your half slip is a manly one. (Attribute).

So many bygone fashions still highlight the female creature in such a lovely way.

I like the idea of a petticoat. I like slips for sure; when a leggy woman takes off her skirt and she's in a silk slip, slightly clinging to her thighs - whew.

very sexy indeed. I bet you look great. I love wearing petticoats too. so satiny and feminine. love em.

Are you wearing one today, I am wearing a satin one under my summer dress a full slip.


What color, Lucy?

I expect you are enjoying it as well! A summer dress with a slip- I also expect you look sensational!

I saw a girl in a shirt waist dress in London other day. She was wearing a lacey slip under. Lovely.

actually lounging around in a satin wedding dress today. they are also incredible, with all those frills, and heavenly lace.

Yes the shiny satiny aspect is exciting.

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Slips and half slips take me back a long time. I new what they were but I was a bit young to appreciate them.Now? Well I think Ive forgotten whwt they look like!
You could remind Me! Love you to add me!
Shure Im one of Your Own!

Well said, you are quite right. It makes all the difference!

i love woman wearing half slips and full slips i find thm sxy appealing also show how mature woman is

Would very much like to be under ur care to get a chnce to c ur hot sexy knickers and dwn ur blouse @ thse hot firm breasts as u workd ur magic. Whn can i check myself in.

So lovely, I would love to be crawling under that dress or skirt with those silky pettis and kiss your beautiful vagina! Kiss and then, whatever pleases you my dear. Women rock!

I adore ladies who wear half slips, so feminine, ignore what your age group think