Lavish Silk And Lace Petticoats.

I wear Petticoats that have a lot of lace detail under a Ball Gown or Party dress it is essential to make expensive ball gowns hang correctly on ones body.
All ladies that wear Ball Gowns wear Petticoats.
pamela8 pamela8
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I wear knee length net petticoats under all my vintage 50's dresses everyday and yes I agree without them the dress would not look right at all.

ball gown, and petticoats feel so good, and are so sexy. I love 'em .

Hi Pamela, I like to let someone know when I have added them and why. I am a guy, married, straight and with kids. I love my wife. I also have a feminine side (my wife knows) and love girls who are feminine and girly girls. To be honest, I love petticoats and have since I was 5 years old. I also love women who wear them. We share Jane and Lucy (among others) as friends- very classy ladies like you. I love how you dress and why clothing is important to you. If you would consider adding me, I would really appreciate it. I am honest and straightforward and admire pretty women. All the best!

Lots of men get pleasure wearing lingerie I happen to think that is fine, fine with me anyway.