My Sisters School Knickers

My sister was a little younger than I was justcouln.t help seeing her in her school uniofrm and those navy cotton knickers that she had to wear.

one day when she came home from school she went to her room to change.. I slip ionto her room when she went downstairs her uniform wason the bed and to my delight also were her navy school knickers I picked them up fondling them and could not resist stepping into them . I t felt like hevan wearing them and I got quite excited in them. As i stood in front of the mirror admiring myself the door opend to my horror my mother was standing there with my sister What the hell do u thinkin your doing my boy my sister giggling mother grap hold of me with out further ado was splaced over her knees and severely spanked I even cried yes my boy if you like them so munh u can wear them to school for the next weekI was so humiliated I was dreading that my sister wasgoping to hold it against me

Weaning mothers Dks was another experience I will tell u later

Knicker wearer and lover

girdledanne girdledanne
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

What would some of us males have done without our sisters skirts or gym slips and nickers to sneek and try on ?in a nice way I blame my sister for what I am now god bless them

And what if you were an only child like me--Gee you guys with older sisters were sooooo lucky---Paulapetal14