I Love When My Wife Is Wearing A Shelf Bra


in the younger days my wife was sometimes wearing shelf bras.
But today in advanced years and greater breasts it is more important
to have a good quality and support to make a good and sexy figure
like younger girls.
Perhaps i have to buy one shelf bra again next time to make a present!
I think the age of 52 is still young enough to wear sexy clothes when figure
and emotion is suitable.
Today it is easier to find a fine quality that fits well!



Reini Reini
56-60, M
4 Responses Feb 27, 2011

No one is too old for this. On the contrary, it can give extraordinary lift to the breast.

My GF (age 58) has augmented 34DDs that are only about a year old so they still stand nicely at attention and don't hang down too much even without a bra. But she wears a bra most of the time to protect her investment. I'm looking for a shelf bra just because I think it's a sexy look. someday she may need more support, but not yet.

Try the breast forms, it is self adhesive and wraps around the breast bringing the nipple to a lovely point...I too dontneed the support just appreciate the look!

Not a bad idea except that I'm looking for the visual impact of nipples sticking out over the bra

I am not far behind in age and I wear 1/4 bras for my husband. He just loves to see my turgid nipples under a satin blouse. xxx

The key is finding a shelf bra with good support. It's hard to find well made shelf bras and quarter bras. Many are cheap and tacky...great for a bit of fun, but hopeless otherwise, especially for older ladies who have had kids, or who aren't as firm as they once were. Keep looking - just cos you're not a 20-something anymore doesn't mean you can't be sexy!